Manoj Tiwari gets trolled for asking Raavan to wait for ‘ek second’ during Ayodhya Ram Leela performance

Manoj Tiwari was trolled on the internet after his video from Ayodhya’s Ramleela went viral.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

October 28, 2020

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A grand Ramleela had been organised in Ayodhya recently. Generally, locals gather on a large ground where the Ramleela is happening, but due to the pandemic, it was being broadcast on TV. Bhojpuri actor and BJP member Manoj Tiwari played the character of Angad, the son of Bali in Ayodhya’s grand Ramleela. A video of Manoj Tiwari’s went viral on the internet and people started trolling him on social media, for his one mistake.

Watch the video below:

In the video above, Manoj Tiwari is seen having a conversation with Ravan, essayed by actor Shahbaz Khan. While delivering dialogue and asking Ravan about the destruction of their city, Manoj Tiwari forgot his dialogue and used the words ‘Ek second, Ek second’ further asking about Lord Hanuman. This was not the only mistake Manoj Tiwari made while delivering his dialogues. In the Ramleela, Manoj Tiwari aka Bali expressed his shock over how Lord Hanuman burned Ravan’s city. He called Lord Hanuman, ‘Humari team ka Ek Chota sa Bandar’.

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People on social media started trolling Manoj Tiwari over his mistake for using English words, ‘Ek second’ and ‘Team’. One Twitter user wrote that Manoj Tiwari had insulted the language Hindi, by using English words in Ramleela, while delivering his dialogues. Another Twitter user also wrote that Manoj Tiwari was not appropriately dressed as Angad, nor did he deliver the dialogues properly. The user also expressed his disagreement with this issue.

Ayodhya Ki Ramleela was set up in Ayodhya and a number of Bollywood actors were a part of it. Actor Sonu Dagar played the character of Shri Ram while Kavita Joshi played the character of Sita Mata. Actor Vindu Dara Singh essayed the role of Lord Hanuman while Ritu Shivpuri was seen as Kaikeyi. Shahbaz Khan essayed the character of Ravana and Asrani was seen as Narad in Ayodhya Ki Ramleela.

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