Manmohini: Mann-Mansi’s Love Story To Take Centre Stage After A 20-Year Generation Leap

Manmohini will kill Ram and Siya in the upcoming episodes of the Zee TV show. A new concept SHIV SHAKTI – Ek Adbhut Prem Kahani will be introduced.

Aayushi Sharma

October 31, 2019


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Ankit Siwach, Garima Rathore and Reyhna Pandit-starrer Zee TV show Manmohini is all to take a generation leap. The television series stars Ankita and Garima as a Rajput royal couple Ram and Siya while Reyhna plays the titular character Manmohini, a 500-year-old witch obsessed with Ram. The supernatural romantic thriller orbits the lives of the much-in-love pair who witness a horrifying twist after Mohni enters their lives. Recently, the daily soap introduced new characters Mann and Mansi.

Mann is Mohini’s son with Ram but raised by Siya. Mohini’s powers are vested in Mann and she makes several attempts to push him on the dark side but Siya and her upbringing save Mann every time. Mohini learns that Siya is pregnant with Ram’s child and threatens to kill her unborn baby along with Mann and Mansi. Ram is on his way to save the kids and his wife. However, we have learned that Mohini shall kill Ram and Siya both. Yes, Ankit and Garima’s characters may no longer be a part of the Manmohini storyline.

Manmohini shall take a 20-year generation leap. Before dying, Siya asks Mann to run away from Mohini and also save his half-sibling. Post leap, we see Mann as Shiv, who leads a dual life. He works as a simple clerk but on the other hand is battling the evil powers residing in him. He is the son of a witch raised by a regular human and thus, his life is a struggle between choosing right over wrong. Meanwhile, Mohini marries Mansi’s father and becomes her step-mother only to stay close to her. However, things take a turn for worse when Mansi’s Bhua-Fufa and their kids come to stay with them and Mohini has to take care of them all. Having said that, Mohini cannot afford to get into Mansi’s bad books because only she can get him to Mann.

The new concept shall focus on Mann and Mansi’s love story while Mohini tries to take her powers back by trying to finish Mann. Mann has another hurdle to tackle as it’d be difficult for him to resist Mansi’s blood. Will Mohini and Mann come face-to-face? Will Mann and Mansi’s love triumph over the evil powers? Mann will feature as Shiv while Mansi perhaps will be named Shakti in the post-leap episodes. The version 2.0 of Manmohini is tentatively titled Shiv Shakti – Ek Adbhut Prem Kahani.

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