Manmohini 9 January 2020 Preview: Mohini Finds Out That Shiv Is Mann

In the next episode, Mohini sneaks into Amar’s room and stabs him after finding out that her suspicions about Shiv were right.

Kenneth Carneiro

January 8, 2020


2 min


In tonight’s episode of Manmohini, Shiv shows Amar proof that he is his brother. He goes downstairs and tells everyone that he is going outside with Amar and Ananya. Shiv tells Amar that he is not married to Ananya yet and they are only pretending to be married. Ketki interrupts them where Shiv and Ananya make fun of her. To get revenge, Ketki puts broken glass bangles on the stairs when Ananya walks down. Amar puts his hands under Ananya’s feet and wounds himself. While Shiv goes to get a first aid box, he overhears Mohini and Ketki discussing how their plan failed. Amar realises he has feelings for Ananya when she ties a bandage on his hand.

Watch the latest episode here.

In the next episode, Mohini goes to Amar’s bedroom and checks his wallet. She finds out that Amar is actually Shiv’s brother when she sees a photo of them together with their father. She realises that Shiv is actually Mann and decides to use Amar to get to him. She takes a knife and stabs Amar. Will Amar survive this attack? Find out tomorrow.

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