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Manchu Manoj second innings sees him linked to a foreign woman


October 27, 2021

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Ever since his high profile marriage and subsequent divorce from Pranathi Reddy, actor Manchu Manoj has been taking it easy on his marital front. However, grapevine has again linked him to a foreign woman.

Is actor Manchu Manoj gearing up for a second inning? This is what the grapevine has all his fans believe. Having split with Pranathi Reddy four years after he tied the knot with her in 2015, Manchu Manoj, brother of Movies Artists Association (MAA) president Manchu Vishnu, is planning to marry again.

The grapevine also has it that this woman helping him start the second innings in his life is a foreigner with whom he has been going steady, for some time now.

A devastated Manchu Manoj in a heartfelt response to the split with Pranathi Reddy in 2019 had informed the fans that his divorce with his then spouse had come through. The actor had termed it the end of a well cherished and beautiful relationship. The duo had parted ways ostensibly citing compatibility issues.

Media portal tollywood.net quoted Manchu family sources to lend credence to the news that the second innings is happening in Manchu Manoj’s life. While the Manchu family is playing the cards close to their chest, fans of Manchu Manoj must surely be hoping that this ‘foreign girl’ that everyone is talking about, bring their fav star, the marital bliss that one seeks.

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Manchu Manoj, who last featured in Okkadu Migiladu that Ajay Andrews and Ajay Nuthakki directed, is pencilled in to play the lead in Srikanth Reddy’s Aham Brahmasmi. Okkadu Migiladu hit the screens in 2017.

Incidentally, the rumour mills have been churning overtime since 2019 and the latest product from this mill is his feelings for the foreign woman. However, his father and veteran Mohan Babu is keen that Manchu Manoj ties the knot to the daughter of a close family friend.

Taking the rumours in his stride, Manchu Manoj, who played the peacenik during the recent tumultuous MAA elections featuring veteran Praksh Raj and his brother Manchu Vishnu, has brushed them aside in his characteristic way. In a seemingly innocuous-looking post on Twitter, Manchu Manoj urged all those chattering away about this impending marriage to invite him and also let him know where it is taking place.

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