Manav Gohil And Rati Pandey Talk About The Twist Their Show Shaadi Mubarak Recently Took

Manav Gohil and Rati Pandey talk about the recent twists in the show Shadi Mubarak.

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December 15, 2020

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Manav Gohil and Rati Pandey are currently seen in Shaadi Mubarak aired on Star Plus. The show recently had an extremely dramatic wedding wherein Manav Gohil’s character Keertan tied the knot with another woman and not his bride. In an interview with India TV, the couple highlights the plot twist and talks about the character.

Manav Gohil and Rati Pandey talk about their show Shadi Mubarak

Manav Gohil who is currently playing the role of Keertan on Shaadi Mubarak talks about his wedding with Preeti. He mentioned that wedding was a very unplanned one on the show. Keertan takes an impulsive decision wherein his ex-wife, Nandini stands right in front of him to get married to him again. However, he gets married to Preeti. He added that it will a surprising value added to the show.

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He mentioned that Keertan and Preeti do not love each other but they are business partners. The relationship further down the line will be based on respect and not love. Manav shares that he took this impulsive decision as Keertan couldn’t forgive Nandini for her past mistakes and thus thought this would be right for him and his family. While talking about choosing a simple wife over a glamourous one, he said that Keertan believes in looking in a person’s heart. He added that Preeti would be a better match for Keertan as she has her self respect and knows how to behave with others.

He also talks about Nandini planning to make their lives difficult further down the line. Manav adds that until there is resistance, a story does not become interesting. He also said that Keertan still can’t believe that Arjun is his and Nandini’s son.

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While talking about the unexpected wedding, Rati Pandey said that the married life of Preeti is going very tough. She mentioned that the two characters respected each other and are now supposed to stay with each other as husband and wife. The story will now revolve on how the two characters will maintain and strengthen their bond. She added that Nandini will add twists to the story and Preeti will manage to solve all the problems.

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