Mallika Sherawat Reveals Why She Changed Her Name Before Entering Bollywood; ‘Was Forced To Leave The Country’

Actress Mallika Sherawat changed her identity while entering the film industry


September 13, 2021


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Actress Malllika Sherawat has indeed come a long way in the film industry and has made her mark in the industry. She is known for her alluring acting skills, mesmerizing dance moves and charismatic personality. Recently, the actress reveals why she had to change her identity when she had started out in the B-Town. The actress’s original name is Reema Lamba and mentioned she had faced a lot of hardships and had to abandon her father’s name after he said that she would tarnish the family’s name. The actress decided to use her mother’s name Sherawat from there on.

Also, on entering Bollywood she faced a lot of criticisms from the media and while speaking to a leading publication in a recent interview the actress said, ”I was forced to leave the country for a while, after being ‘bullied’ by a certain section of the press, that would describe me as a fallen woman.”

Mallika Sherawat believes that the industry has evolved in recent years and has become tolerant of all kinds in a modern way. The actress spoke to a leading daily and described about the grown media and said, ”A certain section of the media was very… They bullied me and harassed me. And that really bothered me, because… And most of them were women. Men have never had problems with me. Men have always appreciated me. And I couldn’t understand why these women are so against me, and so nasty to me. And that made me leave the country for a while because I wanted a break. But today they are more accepting of me, and they are more loving, which I’m really enjoying.”

After the actress had moved to a new life, she had picked up some international projects in Hollywood and China. The actress was last seen in the indie film RK/RKAY, and will soon be seen in the streaming series Nakaab, with Esha Gupta.

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