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Malaika Arora Flaunts Her Twelve Months Of 2021 In Fifteen Seconds; Actress’ Relatable Video Is So Likeable – Don’t Miss


December 29, 2021

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Malaika Arora has shared how she spent her 2021 and we couldn’t relate more with her. You will surely find some elements of yourself in it as the actress’s video is unmissable

Malaika Arora has garnered a huge fan base via her IG. The diva has not only been the talk of the town because of her bold fashion choices but, the diva also promotes a healthy lifestyle, body positivity, and much more. The actress has posted the latest reel of herself wherein she can be seen flaunting how she enjoyed her 2021 which highlights the actress’s satirical fashion sense, and how she even got double vaccinated this year to protect herself from the deadly Coronavirus.

Malaika Arora shared how the first month of the year, 2021 was full of athleisure outfits for her and how it was full of body positivity and fitness. The diva even enjoyed a healthy time on the beach as she flaunted her body during the sunkissed hour. The diva even posted a photograph wherein she can be seen wearing a huge printed shirt as she flaunts her long wavy curls look drop-dead gorgeous.

It is impossible to take your eyes off her and the diva has even shared the photograph of herself getting double vaccinated and it will make you go bonkers over her. Malaika Arora has garnered a huge fan base and not only because of her fashion senses the diva also promotes body positivity, a healthy lifestyle, and the tales of her love life with Arjun Kapoor always make us fall for her in no time.

The diva had made her relationship official and it will make you go gaga over her. Malaika Arora always posts videos and pictures of herself that make fans go crazy over her. The diva is the queen of the social media world despite being away from the limelight for a long time. Malaika Arora has judged various reality shows and her fashion sense has helped her evolve and inspire her millions of fans perpetually.

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Currently, Malaika Arora has not made any announcement about her future projects but her social media game always sends her fans in a tizzy.

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