Majha Hoshil Na: Will The Mamas Be Able To Make Sai Comfortable In The Brahme House?

Outside, Aditya tries to pacify Sai and make her understand the mamas. Meanwhile, inside the house, the mamas resolve to make the house better for Sai to live!

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February 23, 2021



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After Aditya and Sai’s sweet wedding, we will now see the couple’s transition into a married pair at the Brahme house in the current track of Majha Hoshil Na. After their first night, Aditya goes to work and Sai wakes up late due to less sleep. The house is empty except for Pintya mama and Sai feels extremely alone. She does not know how to heat food on her own and is uncomfortable without basic things missing at the Brahme house. When Aditya comes back, she tells him her troubles and the mamas listen from outside the door. That is when it strikes Dada mama: the mamas need to make the house a little more comfortable for Sai!

In the coming episode, we will see how Dada mama will urge the brothers to make the house ready for Sai by the time Aditya takes her out and returns. Take a look at this promo!


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We think that the mamas will be able to clean the house and place a big mirror in Sai and Aditya’s room. They will make Aditya teach Sai how to heat food or even get a microwave. They will definitely put up a door for shower. But the problem could arise when Sai’s mother meets Sai and Aditya. If she goes to the Brahme house and sees the condition in which her daughter is living, she might get livid with anger and might insult the Brahmes and Aditya.

This could cause a big gap between Sai and the mamas. If this does not happen, then Sai must also try to get more comfortable in the house by herself and learn things from the mamas. She probably could take the initiative herself and spend more time with the mamas. This will definitely make her feel more comfortable and she could also bond with them.

Will Sai manage to get out of her shell and make the Brahme house her home? Keep watching Majha Hoshil Na to find out!

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