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Majha Hoshil Na: These Heartfelt Instances Could Lead To Reunion Of The Brahmes!

Aboli Vaze

May 20, 2021

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In Majha Hoshil Na, We cannot wait for the Brahmes, including Gulpreet Maushi, to unite soon and live together as a big, happy family. 

In Majha Hoshil Na, ever since Bandhu Mama’s secret has come out, it has caused a rift between the Brahmes. Despite Sai’s efforts to cement the gap, Bandhu and Dada Mama are unable to see eye to eye anymore. This has led to tensions in the family, leaving everyone saddened and worried. However, a few recent instances in the family have led us to believe that they all might be reuniting soon. We honestly cannot wait for the Brahmes, including Gulpreet Maushi, to get back and live together as a big, happy family.

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These are a few instances that may lead to the Brahmes reuniting soon

Meter Room

In a bid to unite the brothers, Sai cleverly locks them in a meter room after the lights go off. She asks Dada Mama to check the meter whereas Gulpreet Maushi prods Bandhu mama towards the same room as well. When the brothers come face to face, they get into a spat and vent their anger. While it was quite amusing to watch, it made us realize no matter what happens, they are brothers after all and nothing can come in between them.

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Bandhu’s Birthday

As it turns out, venting out his anger indeed mollified Dada Mama as he decided to make kheer for his brother’s birthday. What happened was, Pintya and Bhai mama reminded everyone that it is Bandhu Mama’s birthday and like each year, even this year they should do something special for him. Much to everyone’s surprise, Dada Mama stepped forward and announced he would be making kheer for his birthday. This showed he has love for him after all and will take him back soon.


While the Brahmes were busy preparing for Bandhu Mama’s birthday, he was busy preparing to leave forever. He left a note saying he would never return, which left everyone including Dada Mama heartbroken. Later, they got to know that Bandhu Mama met with an accident on his way and they all rushed to the hospital immediately. The concern they had for him was a tell-tale sign that they still consider him family and might unite soon.

Source: ZEE5

Bandhu’s Fever

While the accident did no harm to Bandhu Mama, a recent spoiler has revealed that he is going to suffer from a high fever. It was shown in the spoiler that he collapsed due to fever and became unresponsive. This could be the final straw for Dada Mama before he realizes he cannot lose his brother. This instance might make him reflect on his actions and realize his mistakes.

These were a few recent instances in the family that brought the Brahmes closer or made us realize the love they still have for each other. It makes us believe they all might reunite soon and bury the hatchet for good!

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