Majha Hoshil Na: Strategies Bhai Mama And Bandhu Mama Can Execute To Unmask Meghna’s Cruel Intentions

Be it tackling family problems or the war of words with a vamp, Aditya and Sai’s journey has been through every bit of it, making their romance more memorable and worth remembering.

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January 28, 2021



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What’s the best part of a romance tale? While some would agree upon the chemistry and connection of the leads, the others might just love the fluffy, swoony, and heartwarming moments that capture the theme of the story. But unarguably, a good romance is incomplete without some stormy conflicts. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi’s Majha Hoshil Na has carved its way to the hearts and minds of the masses with a fresh perspective on modern age romance.

Be it tackling family problems or the war of words with a vamp, these certain moments make the love story worth telling and remembering. And Aditya and Sai’s journey has been through every bit of it. The realism in their story has made the duo one of our favourite couples on TV. Similarly, their story went off the track with Aditya being bound by Dada Mama’s promise and ultimately Meghna’s entry is adding fuel to their problems.

And being on a quest to tackle this situation, here’s how Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama can resolve this issue by unmasking Meghna’s cruel intentions.

Pretending A Rift

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The recent events in the show have proved that Meghna likes to keep everything under her control, be it Aditya himself or the family matters of the Brahmes. Her intent of creating problems within the family is not hidden to Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama. And hence, they can forge a plan pretending a rift between the Brahme brothers which will ultimately make Meghna utilize this opportunity, adding more to the feud.

And this might surely make Dada Mama aware of Meghna’s wicked behavior and her real intentions behind accepting the marriage proposal.

An Unreal Reality Check

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Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama are known for their comical disguises whenever it comes to being a savior for Aditya. Remember the time when they tricked Suyash to ruin his date with Sai. Similarly, they can trick Meghna in the light of giving her an “unreal” reality-check about the Brahmes. Meghna has had great dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle in a city after getting married to Aditya.

And hence, being fed by some scripted stories, Meghna might change her decision, in a way making her real intentions clear.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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