Majha Hoshil Na: Sai’s Plan To Introduce Gulpreet As The ‘Sunbai’ Might Go In Vain, Here’s Why!

Sai has perfectly woven a plan to welcome Gulpreet as the ‘sunbai’ of Brahmes. However, it seems that conflicts are on the way for Sai!

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May 3, 2021



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There has been a much-needed change in the romance genre on television. While the audiences were detached from their TV screens, it is the new-age content that has restored their faith. Getting over the cliched love stories, the showrunners are now keen on investing in conceptual dramas. And Zee Marathi’s Majha Hoshil Na has been a part of this renaissance. From its exquisite take on modern-age romance to the notions of family drama, the show has become the best pick for the viewers.

Within no time, the characters have become household names for the audience. Also, the makers treat the viewers with many interesting subplots. And that’s one of the reasons why the fans are eagerly rooted in this modern-age drama. The recent happenings in Majha Hoshil Na have brought in a two-way conflict in the story.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Sai introducing Gulpreet as the Brahmes’ ‘sunbai’. However, Sai’s seemingly perfect plan might go in vain. Here’s why we think so.

Bandhu Mama’s Guilt

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The Brahme brothers share an inseparable bond with each other. Taking a look back at the past, it was after Dada Mama’s failed marriage that the other Brahme brothers were restricted from getting married. And they never complained! However, Bandhu Mama ended up falling in love with Gulpreet and got secretly married to her. And recently during the holidays when the Brahme brothers got emotional over their ‘bond of trust’, Bandhu felt guilty of his secret love life.

Now that Sai has planned to introduce Gulpreet to the Brahmes, Bandhu Mama’s guilt might be a big problem for her. If Bandhu confronts Dada Mama with the truth, Sai’s plan would fail miserably.

Aditya Getting Arrested!

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While Sai is overjoyed with her perfect plan to reunite Bandhu and Gulpreet, she’s unaware of Aditya’s problems at the factory. Recently, JD and Malhotra got together and usurped the labourers’ land. And when Aditya came up with a strike plan, JD got him arrested by the police. If Sai or the Brahmes get aware of this, they would definitely rush for Aditya’s help. And for a while, Sai’s plan might take a backseat.

Gulu Saving The Day?

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Even if everything goes right as per Sai’s plan, Dada Mama’s approval would be a big question. The latter might get upset with Bandhu Mama for having a secret relationship with Gulpreet. And Dada Mama might take some harsh steps or also can decide to break all ties with Bandhu. However, we believe that Gulu, Bandhu, and Gulpreet’s son might save the day. Whenever Gulu has visited the Brahme house, Dada Mama has been very affectionate with him. So, we might see Dada Mama rethinking his decision.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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