Majha Hoshil Na: How Will Aditya And Sai’s Dapoli Trip Help Them Evolve As A Couple

Will Aditya and Sai evolve as a couple post their recent Dapoli trip on the show? We hope so.

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December 14, 2020



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There’s a reason why we have seen a fall in the popularity of TV shows over the last few years. There was a lack of good content but fortunately, Zee is working hard towards producing shows that are relevant in today’s time. Zee Marathi’s Majha Hoshil Na, in particular, offers a perfect blend of an apt storyline and relatable characters to its viewers. 

Being among the best shows currently, Majha Hoshil Na has not only entertained its viewers but has also portrayed the essence of reality on the small screen. The plot of the show is quite unpredictable and that works in the show’s favour. The story currently is developing well and is getting back to its original theme.  While Aditya and Sai’s recent visit to Dapoli has shed a light on their romantic arc, here’s how this short trip may help them as a couple. 

Being Independent

The Dapoli visit has been a gift for Aditya and Sai. They are finally away from their families and there’s no one to interfere. Post this trip, we’ll see them evolve as a couple and the makers will further keep highlighting their romance. Aditya and Sai will enjoy the trip rather than getting worried about their destination.


Sunsets, breezy air, and sea – the destination is perfect to make some confessions and have some serious talks. This trip will help Aditya and Sai understand each other more in terms of compatibility and also make them aware of their feelings towards each other.

Viewers might witness the beginning of a new chapter in Aditya and Sai’s life post this Dapoli. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more stories on Majha Hoshil Na. 


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