Majha Hoshil Na: Gullu Maushi’s ‘Gruha Pravesh’ Happens, How Will The Mamas React After Finding Out?

In Majha Hoshil Na, after Gulpreet Maushi’s Gruha Pravesh, she is now worried that the Mamas may not accept her. Read on.

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May 7, 2021


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In Majha Hoshil Na, the moment we were all waiting for has finally happened. Gulpreet maushi has finally entered the Brahme household as a sunbai and we could not be happier. Even Sai and Aditya are ecstatic and cannot wait for the other Mamas to find out. However, Gullu Maushi is worried that the Mamas may not accept her and create a lot of problems. Even though Sai has assured her nothing bad will happen, Maushi is still worried.

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In order for Mamas to accept Gulpreet maushi, Sai carried out an elaborate plan. She subtly dropped hints about wanting another woman in the house. She decorated the house in ‘Punjabi’ style and even cooked delicious Punjabi food. Then, she even urged the Mamas to get married. She explained the importance of having a companion in life and advised the Mamas to find a life partner.

Finally, on the day of Gulpreet maushi’s Gruha Pravesh, she left a little note in Mamas’ lunchbox. The note said that Sai is young and bound to make many mistakes. For that, she needs someone to correct her, someone like a sasubai. She also wrote in the note that Mamas need someone to take care of them, love them and be there for them. Reading the note, both Bhai and Dada mama were speechless.

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While they were still at work, Sai welcomed Gulpreet maushi home and asked her to make the Kalash fall with her foot. Then she gave a house tour and started telling her about the nuances of living with five men. Both the ladies laughed and maushi suddenly realized that the Mamas may not accept her. She became sad and Sai assured her saying everything will be alright.

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How will Mamas react after finding out?

Sai has already planted the seed of bringing another sunbai to their house. So, it is not as if Mamas would not see it coming. Sai’s actions will finally start making sense and Mamas will realize what she meant all along. As they have already accepted Sai and Aditya’s marriage, they might accept Gulpreet and Bandhu Mama’s too. Even though theirs is slightly unconventional, Mamas might accept it because they have known Gulpreet maushi for a very long time. What could also happen is, the Mamas might throw a fit and even blame Sai and Aditya for keeping a secret. Wait and watch to find out what happens next!

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