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Majha Hoshil Na: Aditya’s Heartfelt Appeal Leaves Dada Mama Emotional, Will The Latter Accept Gulpreet As The Sunbai?

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May 18, 2021

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Recently, Aditya got teary-eyed as he appealed to Dada Mama to rethink his decision. This made the latter very emotional and thus can lead to new twists in the story.

To pull off a great romance story on television is not an easy task. Contrary to the movies, the makers of TV shows have to be consistent in terms of sustaining the viewers’ interest. From living up to the theme of romance to presenting relatable characters, a good love story on TV has always been a treat for the audience. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi’s Majha Hoshil Na has emerged as one of the best romances on TV. 

With slice-of-life storytelling, Aditya and Sai’s journey of romance not only entertained the viewers but also inspired them. And now with an interesting subplot, Bandhu Mama and Gulpreet’s rekindled romance has come to the spotlight. While Dada Mama has disapproved of their relationship, Aditya and Sai are trying their best to resolve the issue. And this has kept the viewers glued to their screens for the drama unfolding ahead.

Recently, Aditya got teary-eyed as he appealed to Dada Mama to rethink his decision. This made the latter very emotional. So, here’s what we can expect ahead in the story.

For The Sake Of Aditya

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The recent happenings in the Brahme household have taken an emotional toll on Aditya. Seeing the Mamas against each other has left him quite upset. Though he tried to resolve the issue with Sai, nothing worked out. However, we cannot overlook the fact that the Mamas can go to any extent for Aditya’s happiness, especially Dada Mama. And recently, with Aditya making an appeal, Dada might rethink his decision.

The latter might accept Gulpreet as the ‘sunbai’ of Brahmes but can also stay firm on his decision to keep no relationship with Bandhu. However, this will be the first step towards a good beginning.

“Brahme & The Brahmes”

A still from Majha Hoshil Na
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As Bandhu Mama claimed that the house is divided as “Brahme and The Brahmes”, there might be a new twist ahead. Recently we saw, Bhai Mama and Pintya have already shown their empathy towards Bandhu. They have also been on good terms with Gulpreet and are keen on helping the duo. This might leave Dada Mama as the only “Brahme” disapproving of Bandhu’s relationship.

Aditya and Sai’s Final Move

A still from Majha Hoshil Na
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With everyone teaming up in favour of Bandhu and Gulpreet, Dada Mama will definitely have to change his decision. And Aditya and Sai might make that effective final move. This will ultimately lead to a happy ending of this interesting subplot. Well, there are plenty of twists we’ll see before the happy resolution.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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