Majha Hoshil Na: 5 Times Sai Won Hearts With Her Kind Gestures

While Sai’s bossy side is a treat to watch, her kind-hearted personality is what the audience adores. And here are few instances where she stole our hearts with her sweet gestures.

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May 4, 2021



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A good romance show is where the audience can personally delve into a fictional character’s journey. However, there are only a few stories that live up to that potential. While television offers an array of romantic dramas, only a few make it to the list of fan-favourites. Similarly, Zee Marathi’s Majha Hoshil Na has become the best pick for the audience obsessed with the romance genre. The show’s notable take on modern-age romance is worth appreciating.

Apart from an engaging and realistic storyline, the show has a set of strong characters. And within no time, these fictional personas have become household names for the viewers. Amongst which the popularity of Sai’s character seems to be on an endless route. Throughout this episodic saga, Sai has emerged as one of the most interesting female leads on television. While her bossy side is a treat to watch, her kind-hearted personality is what the audience adores.

Considering this, here’s taking a look at 5 instances where Sai won everyone’s hearts with her sweet and kind gestures.

Tying ‘Rakhi’ To Filter

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Amid their holidays, the Mamas had entrusted Filter with the responsibility of the house. However, the latter felt helpless when Sindhu cunningly entered the house by making Aappa sign the documents. Ultimately, Filter was blamed and a furious Pintya Mama sacked him from the garage. While Filter was leaving the house, Sindhu also tried to bash him, but Sai came to his rescue.

Filter who’s known for his free-spirited nature had an emotional breakdown after these unexpected turn of events. Sai tried to console him and made him recall the good times where he helped the Brahmes in all the way possible. Also, Sai won everyone’s hearts when she tied Rakhi to Filter and embraced him as her brother. That made for an emotional moment on the show.

Saving Sindhu

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Earlier, when Aditya and Sai were out shopping, they unexpectedly bumped into Sindhu. As usual, Sindhu had created a frenzy, this time on a busy street. Sindhu was caught red-handed by the police for her petty thievery yet again. And while she was being taken into custody, Sai decided to help her out. Though Aditya opposed her, Sai was quite firm in her decision to save Sindhu.

And this ultimately led Sai to face the wrath of Dada Mama. Whatsoever, we surely loved Sai’s mature act to save Sindhu.

A Gift For Mamas

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After a few weeks of their marriage, the Brahmes decided to treat Aditya and Sai with a surprise. Giving them some money, the Mamas sent Aditya and Sai out for a movie date. However, rather than spending the money on watching the movie, Sai decided to buy some gifts for the Mamas. She brought some good kurtas for the Mamas from a street hawker and ultimately helped the poor man as well as got some great gifts.

Being There For Aditya

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Remember the time when Dada Mama got hospitalized due to a severe heart attack. It was the time when Aditya and Sai were just close friends. While the other Mamas and Aditya were quite restless, it was Sai who stood for them in these difficult times. She stayed the whole night with Aditya at the hospital. 

Also, when Dada Mama was discharged, she took the responsibility of taking his care. This changed Dada Mama’s perception of hers and it was the beginning of Sai’s evolution as a character.

A Feast At The Orphanage

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When Aditya took Sai to an orphanage, the latter learned many life lessons. Interacting with the orphan kids, was a lifetime experience for her. Also, later on, Sai planned to treat the children with a feast and tried her hand at cooking. With the help of Aditya, she prepared some special dishes for them and won our hearts yet again.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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