Majha Hoshil Na: 5 Times Sai Challenged Dada Mama And Ended Up Winning Everyone’s Hearts

Throughout the episodic saga, Sai has evolved as a one-woman army. She has boldly challenged Dada Mama’s views and has proved her self-worth every time, making us love her even more.

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April 9, 2021



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Television mostly relies upon two genres, romance and family dramas. Though these stories are laden with a specific formula, recently, the new wave has brought in a great change. While the showrunners are enjoying the freedom of the experimental era, the audience is enjoying this much-needed renaissance on TV. Going by the same, Zee Marathi has treated the audience with some noteworthy dramas which have slice-of-life storytelling. And Majha Hoshil Na is one of them whose take on modern-age romance is being loved by the viewers.

An interesting storyline blended with lifelike characters has made Majha Hoshil Na, the best pick for the audience. While the makers intrigue the audience with plenty of twists and turns, the characters of the show have become household names. And Gautami Deshpande’s character of Sai is among the most loved ones.  Throughout the episodic course, Sai has emerged as a hero of the story with her bold and elegant persona.

Sai’s battling yet sweet chemistry with Dada Mama has become an interesting aspect of the show. And you might agree upon it too. So, here’s taking a look at 5 times when Sai fiercely took up Dada Mama’s challenges and won everyone’s hearts.

Sai’s Diwali Prep At The Brahmes

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Remember the time when Aditya and Sai were just friends and the duo always helped each other in tackling their shortcomings. Similarly, during Diwali, when Sai visited the Brahme house, the Mamas quizzed her if she could make Diwali sweets. Finding herself in a dilemma, Sai admitted the truth and Dada Mama taunted her for the same.

However, she took up Dada Mama’s taunts seriously and challenged him. The latter too put forth a condition that if she fails she would be restricted from the Brahme house forever. Sai took up the challenge and solely prepared all the Diwali sweets at the Brahme house. This was the first time when Sai became a favourite of the mamas.

The Responsible Family Woman

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Further, in the story, when Dada Mama fell ill and was admitted to the hospital, it was Sai who took up the responsibility of the Brahme house. From taking care of Appa to helping Aditya in getting out of his guilt, Sai proved that she can be a real family woman. Earlier, Dada Mama had made a comment that Sai can never be a dutiful woman. 

However, his perception of Sai changed when he saw her changed persona. Dada Mama was highly impressed with Sai and he even apologized to her.

Being The ‘Adarsh Sunbai’

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Sai’s life changed completely after she married Aditya. Though there were few difficulties, she managed to adjust in the Brahme house. While everyone was worried about Sai’s problems in the house, the latter took up the challenge to be the ‘Adarsh Sunbai’. She began with cooking a delicious feast for the Brahmes while also taking care of Appa. 

And once again, she impressed Dada Mama with her self-belief and her dedication to being the responsible ‘sunbai’ of the Brahmes.

The Rules Of The Brahme House

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When Dada Mama got furious over Aditya and Sai helping Sindhu, he gave Sai a strict punishment. The other Mamas helped her to complete her punishment within time, however, ended up getting caught. Due to which an angry Dada Mama made the Brahme brothers along with Sai stand out of the house with no food and water.

While no one uttered a word against Dada, Sai challenged his ‘old-school’ thoughts. Though their argument didn’t reach a conclusive end, Sai saved the Mamas from getting severely punished. Further, both Dada Mama and Sai buried the hatchet by apologizing to each other.

Breaking The ‘Colourless Holi’ Ritual 

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Sai’s excitement about Holi came to an end when she learned about Dada Mama’s rule of ‘Colourless Holi’. However, she decided to break this long-ranging ritual of the Brahme house. Seeking Appa’s and Mamas’ help, Sai failed several times. However, later on, as the family gets together at the Holi puja, Sai manages to make the Brahmes play with colours. Dada Mama too decides to get over his strict act.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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