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Majha Hoshil Na: 5 Major Positive Changes That Have Happened In Brahmes’ Lives Since Sai’s Arrival As Sunbai

Aboli Vaze

May 14, 2021

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In Majha Hoshil Na, Sai has significantly changed the Brahmes’ lives in a positive. Read ahead to find out how!

It has been quite a while since Aditya and Sai’s marriage in Majha Hoshil Na. Ever since the marriage, Sai has brought nothing but happiness and a little bit of fun in the Brahme household. We think there have been some major as well as positive changes since her arrival as a Sunbai and we love it. On that note, let’s take a look at few significant changes that have happened after Sai and Aditya’s marriage in the Brahmes’ lives.

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1. Vacation

It had been a very long time for Mamas since they took a vacation. And we don’t mean a few years, we mean decades! Can you imagine not taking a break and living the same, mundane life for decades? Well, Sai was not having any of that. She told the Mamas that they must take a much-needed getaway and accompany her and Aditya to Manali. In Manali, we saw the mamas having fun, enjoying and laughing for the first time in a very long time.

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2. Gulpreet Maushi

Ever since Sindhu’s terror, the Mamas would never imagine having another woman in their lives. Now, not only do they have one sunbai, one more sunbai is going to come soon. That’s right, Bandhu mama’s wife Gulpreet maushi is soon going to be welcomed in the Brahme house and we’re excited.

3. Perspective on Women

The Mamas previously had a very negative opinion of women, thanks to Sindhu. But ever since Sai’s arrival, they have come to realize not all women are the same. Slowly and steadily, they came to realize that many women are genuinely loving, caring, and not after money.

4. Changes in house

The mamas were never used to having a woman in their lives for many years. That is why, it was hard for Sai to adjust to their house in the beginning. However, as time passed by, Mamas began making a few changes for her. They cleaned the home spotless, added a mirror, decorated it, and even added fragrance for Sai to feel comfortable. So long, they lived in a dull house but because of Sai, it became a welcoming home.

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5. Advice on marriage

The biggest change yet is Sai’s advice on getting the mamas married. Had she pitched this idea a while back, they would have laughed at her or insulted her. But now, they might consider having a life partner in their lives thanks to Sai’s wise words on companionship and love.

These were a few ways in which Sai has managed to turn the Brahmes’ lives in a positive way. We really hope she succeeds in everything else that she has planned for them.

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