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Majha Hoshil Na: 5 Hurdles That Aditya May Face While Winning Sai’s Heart

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November 30, 2020

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Now that Majha Hoshil Na’s Aditya has finally realized his true feelings for Sai and is trying to confess to her, here are a few hurdles that can come his way

Majha Hoshil Na has one of the best love stories on Zee Marathi. After a long roller coaster ride filled with emotions, drama, and misunderstandings, Aditya has finally realized that he has fallen in love with Sai. In recent episodes, Aditya finally confesses that he loves Sai, on being pestered by Bandhu Mama. Bandhu Mama is elated upon hearing the news and urges him to propose Sai. Much to our amusement, Aditya feels very nervous while talking to Sai and keeps fumbling while attempting to confess his feelings for her.

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Now that Aditya has finally realized his true feelings for Sai and is trying to confess to her, here are a few hurdles that can come his way:

1. Dada Mama

Even though Bandhu Mama fully supports Aditya’s feelings for Sai and wants for them to be together, there is another mama who is against this – Dada Mama. Dada Mama has always wanted Aditya to get married to Meghna and it may happen that he comes in Aditya and Sai’s way.

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2. Sai’s father 

Earlier on the show, Sai’s father had threatened Aditya to stay away from her and strictly opposed their relationship. It may happen that when he learns of Aditya’s feelings for Sai and his plans of proposing her, he may again cause trouble for the two.

3.  Suyash 

Remember the time when Aditya was helping Suyash win Sai’s heart? Suyash failed to make Sai fall in love with him and was left heartbroken when she did not reciprocate his love. It is possible that he still blames Aditya for his failed attempt and might get in the way of Aditya and Sai’s love story.

4. Meghna 

Is any love story possible without other people getting involved? We know that Meghna used to harbour feelings for Aditya and was Dada Mama’s first choice for him. She may not take the news of Aditya’s plan to propose to Sai very well and may try to sabotage that plan.












5. Sai

The biggest hurdle of all would be Sai herself should she reject Aditya. Sai has been hurt directly or indirectly due to her relationship with Aditya and may be afraid to give Aditya a chance. Aditya may be able to handle every other obstacle that gets in his way to win over Sai’s heart but what is he going to do if Sai herself does not accept his love?

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