Majha Hoshil Na 26 February 2021 Written Update: Sharmila sends a note for Aditya’s uncles

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February 25, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Sharmila’s arrival delights Sai. While talking to Aditya’s uncles and taking a tour around their house, Sharmila taunts them and insults them. When Dada Mama tries to reason with her, she accuses Aditya’s uncles and berates them.

Watch what will happen next on Majha Hoshil Na:

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Sai asks Aditya’s uncles what Sharmila said. To avoid hurting her sentiments, they lie to her and tell her that Sharmila loved their house and is happy with Sai and Aditya’s marriage. Although surprised, Sai feels happy and serves everyone the cold drink. Soon after, Aditya pulls Sai’s leg and enjoys a few romantic moments with her. Later, Sai expresses her astonishment and shares her doubt regarding Sharmila’s changed behaviour with Aditya.

Meanwhile, Sharmila calls Chandu and gives him some instructions. Furthermore, she tells him that she has resolved to teach manners and etiquettes to Aditya’s uncles. Back at the Bramhes’ house, Aditya’s uncles mull over Sharmila’s words and Dada Mama decides to do everything in his capability to make Sai feel comfortable in their house and to shorten the gap of financial status between the two families. Furthermore, he takes out the money kept aside for the month’s ration and decides to give it to Sai and Aditya to let them enjoy an outing.

Soon after, Aditya’s uncles give the money to the couple and insist them to go out and have fun. Although Sai hesitates to accept the money, Aditya tells her to take it and they get ready to head out. At the gate, they come across Chandu who brings a parcel sent by Sharmila. On seeing Sai, Chandu lies that it’s a gift sent by Sharmila. When Sai insists on seeing the gift, Aditya’s uncles divert her attention and ask her to hurry up. After Sai and Aditya leave, Chandu gives the note sent by Sharmila to the uncles, along with the box. Soon, Bandhu Mama reads out the note which leaves everyone appalled.

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