Majha Hoshil Na 25 November 2020 Written Update: Aditya’s decision delights Sai

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November 24, 2020



4 min


In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Aditya and Sai contemplate over their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Dada Mama eagerly awaits Aditya’s decision. Aditya returns home at night and announces his decision regarding his wedding with Meghna, which leaves everyone shocked.

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In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Aditya’s decision infuriates Dada Mama and he questions Aditya about the reason behind his refusal to marry Meghna. When Aditya tells him that he doesn’t see Meghna as his life partner when he closes his eyes and thinks about his future, a furious Dada Mama rebukes him and asks him whom does he see instead of Meghna. Although Aditya avoids revealing the true name, he doesn’t change his decision. An agitated Dada Mama declares that he has already given his word to Kashikar and states that he will wait to see who wins, his promise given to Kashikar or Aditya’s adamance.

Irked, Aditya sets out to calm himself down. On his way, he comes across Sai who seems upset. On being quizzed about it, a frustrated Sai lashes out at Aditya and tells him that since he is starting a new phase in his life with Meghna, he should leave everything behind including her and asks him to let her go. However, Aditya tells her that he wants her and refuses to let her go. In the flow of conversation, she inadvertently blurts out that Dada Mama has already found her replacement in Aditya’s life. Soon enough, Aditya finally reveals that he has called off the marriage with Meghna, leaving Sai stunned. Delighted, Sai sheds tears of happiness and Aditya teases her. Amidst a playful conversation, the duo drops subtle hints to each other about their feelings. Just then, Aditya gets a call from Bandhu Mama who asks him to return home soon.

Later, when Sai comes to drop Aditya home, Bandhu Mama playfully teases them and tells Aditya that he is lucky to have a girl like Sai in his life. As Sai tells him that she and Aditya have made their decision about marriage, an elated Bandhu Mama believes that they have finally decided to marry each other and quizzes them about the same. However, Sai laughs it off and evades his question. Soon after, Bandhu Mama smartly corners her and tries to make her confess her love. Although, Sai doesn’t divulge much about her feelings, she inadvertently states that her feelings doesn’t matter as Aditya doesn’t feel the same for her. In response, Bandhu Mama asks her whether she will agree to marry Aditya confesses his love.

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