Majha Hoshil Na 18 November 2020 Written Update: A surprising note from Sindhu

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November 17, 2020


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In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Kashikar calls Dada Mama and quizzes him about his family members’ opinion regarding Aditya-Meghna’s marriage. A perturbed Dada Mama lies to him. Aditya assures a disturbed Sai that he will always be with her. Later, Sharmila gets surprised on seeing Sai making ‘Chakalis’.

Watch what will happen next on Majha Hoshil Na:

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, as the Diwali festivities begin with the Abhyangsnan on the first day, Aditya tries to mollify an upset Dada Mama while applying Utane to him. Further, he apologises to Dada Mama and others too try to placate him. However, Dada Mama refuses to budge. Later, everyone together playfully trouble Pintya Mama by bursting crackers near him during his bath.

Soon after, when Aditya goes to Appa’s room to check on him, the latter shares his opinion about Sai and asks Aditya where Sai is.

After the Abhyangsnan, everyone sits together to enjoy the Diwali snacks but Dada Mama again broaches the topic of Aditya and Meghna’s marriage. When Aditya asks for some time to think and decide, a furious Dada Mama refuses to taste the Diwali snacks. However, others smartly trick him into tasting the ‘Chakalis’, following which, Dada Mama identifies the different taste and asks who has made the ‘Chakalis’. Baffled on his reaction, everyone lie to him. Unconvinced, Dada Mama continues to eat the Diwali snacks and finds a woman’s hair in a Laddu. Furious, he again questions everyone about it and asks them who had come to the house in his absence. However, Aditya makes an excuse and runs away.

Soon enough, the doorbell rings and Bhai Mama rushes to open the door. To his utter surprise, he finds an anonymous tin left outside the door and brings it inside. On opening it, everyone finds Laddus inside the tiffin and a handwritten note by Sindhu which says that she has sent Laddus for them and asks them to invite her for the Laxmi Pooja in the evening.  Enraged on seeing the note, Dada Mama connects the dots and believes that Sindhu came to the house in his absence and made the Diwali snacks. When the others try to tell him that he has misunderstood everything, he tells them that only Aditya will tell him the truth and summons Aditya. When Aditya comes, Dada Mama questions him about the snacks and to everyone’s disbelief, Aditya reveals the truth that Sai helped them make the Diwali snacks.

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