Majha Hoshil Na 14 July 2021 Written Update: JD enters Aditya’s house in the chawl

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In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Dada Mama asks Aditya to come to Aditya Group of Companies’ office. A news in the paper about Aditya Desai puzzles Sai, Aditya as well as JD. Later, Sindhu strikes a deal with JD regarding Aditya.

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Sindhu locks the door of Sai and Aditya’s house from the outside. Meanwhile, Aditya’s uncles reach Aditya Group of Companies and wait for Aditya. Soon after, Dada Mama calls Aditya to check where he is. After Sai gives Aditya the ‘Sheera’ and gives him a good luck, the couple prepares to leave, but find that the door is locked. While Vidya and Bhagwan come to help them, Sindhu arrives there and reveals that she has locked the them inside. Moreover, she demands 15 days’ rent in advance in exchange of setting them free. Later, she calls up JD and informs him that the couple has been locked inside their house.

Later, JD arrives there with his gang and after getting the bag of money from him, Sindhu hands him the keys of Aditya’s house. Stuck inside the house, Sai and Aditya hear a knock on their door and believing it to be Vidya and Bhagwan, Sai opens the door. To her utter disbelief, she finds JD at the door. However, before JD can enter inside, Sai uses her quick wit and shuts the door. She further locks it from inside.

On the other hand, Sindhu gets enraged on finding that she has been cheated by JD and tries to step out but realises that her door has been locked from outside. While an enraged JD orders his men to break open the door of Sai and Aditya’s house, Sai calls up Dada Mama and informs him that they will be a bit late since Aditya is unwell. When a dejected Aditya loses hope and feels guilty for risking Sai’s life as well, Sai reassures him. Well along, JD’s men succeed in breaking the door and an elated JD enters the house. Will he manage to capture Sai and Aditya?

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