Majha Hoshil Na 12 June 2021 Written Update: Shashikant sees Sai selling flowers on road

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June 11, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Pintya Mama and Bhai Mama go to give Sai and Aditya the food prepared by Gulpreet. Sindhu insults them while they search for Aditya’s house. They request Vidya to give the tiffin to Sai and Aditya.

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Sai and Aditya devour the dinner sent by Gulpreet and Sai sends a photo of them enjoying the meal. Meanwhile, Dada figures out that Pintya Mama and Bandhu Mama have gone to give Sai and Aditya the tiffin. To his utter dismay, Gulpreet refuses to have dinner till she gets assured that Sai and Aditya have eaten the food. Soon enough, Bhai Mama and Pintya Mama return home and recount how the couldn’t meet the duo. Just then, Gulpreet sees Sai’s message and the photo sent by her. Elated on learning that the couple enjoyed the meal wholeheartedly, the Bramhes start the dinner.

Meanwhile, Sai consoles an upset Aditya and cheers him up. Later, Aditya tells her about JD’s offer and declares that he has decided to accept the offer. Irked, Sai questions him about his decision. When he explains his plight and tells her that he has a days’ time to make the decision, a determined Sai resolves to work hard and earn enough money to pay off Sindhu’s debt. She further promises Aditya that she won’t let him compromise with his principles.

The next day, resolved to pay off Sindhu’s debt, Sai and Vidya struggle in the scorching heat to increase their sale, but in vain. As a dejected Sai loses hope, Vidya reassures her and the duo strives hard and runs around convincing people to buy flowers. Meanwhile, Sindhu sees Aditya doing household chores and taunts him. Furious, he storms off and slams the door on her face.

While selling the flowers on the road, Sai bumps into Shashikant. On being asked about her wellbeing, Sai lies to Shashikant. Feeling suspicious, Shashikant quizzes her about selling flowers on the road. Will Sai tell him the truth?

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