Majha Hoshil Na 11 June 2021 Written Update: Bhai Mama and Pintya Mama come to meet Sai and Aditya

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June 10, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, while Pintya Mama misses Aditya and feels anguished, Aditya bumps into him. With Filter’s help, he finds Aditya’s address. Later, Sai gives Sindhu the money and silences her.

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, as promised, Gulpreet prepares delicious dinner and insists on delivering it to Sai and Aditya. Pintya Mama then prepares to leave with the tiffin but bumps into Dada Mama at the door. Feeling suspicious, Dada Mama quizzes him about the tiffin. However, Pintya Mama lies to him and Bhai Mama arrives in time to save the situation. The duo then sets out with Filter to give the dinner to Sai and Aditya. On reaching the chawl, Filter fails to recognise the exact house and they decide to call out to the couple searching for them.

Meanwhile, Aditya tries to tell Sai about JD’s job offer. However, before he can reveal it, they hear Bhai Mama and Pintya Mama’s voices calling out to them from outside. Shocked, Sai goes to the window and tries to find out what is happening. Just then, Sindhu catches hold of Aditya’s uncles and taunts them. On being asked about Sai and Aditya’s whereabouts, she sees Sai silently urging her from the window to not reveal the truth and deliberately tries to mislead Aditya’s uncles.

Later, they knock on a door randomly which turns out to be Vidya and Bhagwan’s house. While Vidya doesn’t reveal Sai and Aditya’s whereabouts at Sai’s behest, Bhai Mama realises that she is hiding something and gives her the tiffin to pass it on to Sai and Aditya. Moreover, he asks her to take care of them and leaves. Later, Vidya and Bhagwan advise Sai and Aditya to bury the hatchet and return home. However, an irked Aditya talks rudely to them. Soon after, he realises his mistake and apologises to Vidya and Bhagwan.

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