Majha Hoshil Na 10 July 2021 Written Update: Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama discover some shocking secrets

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In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Aditya tells Sai about the photo he found in JD’s warehouse and his uncanny resemblance to the person in the photo. Later, Pintya Mama comes to Sai and Aditya’s house to take them back home. However, Aditya refuses to return home.

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, when Pintya Mama informs everyone that Aditya refused to return home, Dada Mama decides to meet him personally and convince him. Moreover, realizing that Aditya Group of Companies is at risk, he asks Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama to go there immediately. Meanwhile, intrigued by the Bramhe brothers’ conversation about JD and Aditya Group of Companies, Gulpreet corners Bandhu Mama and quizzes him about the same.

Later, Dada Mama comes to Aditya’s house in the chawl and apologizes to him. He further urges Sai and Aditya to return home. However, worried about his uncles’ safety, Aditya turns down his request. Helpless, Dada Mama tries to reveal the truth to him about his real identity but gets interrupted by Sindhu. A furious Dada Mama then lashes out at her and ousts her from there.

Meanwhile, Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama’s unannounced arrival to the office shocks Joshi and Malhotra. On being questioned about Aditya and the Badlapur’s factory, Joshi reveals the truth that Aditya has been fired from the job and the Badlapur factory has been sold off by Malhotra. Furious, Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama fire Malhotra from the job and demand to see the CCTV footage. On seeing JD in the CCTV footage, the duo realizes that he is none other than Jaywant Desai and inform the same to Dada Mama, while Joshi eavesdrops on them from outside.

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