Majha Hoshil Na 09 December 2020 Written Update: Dada Mama gives Sai a blessing

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December 8, 2020



4 min


In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Dada Mama returns home from the hospital. Later, Dada Mama apologises to everyone for his adamant behaviour and for forcing his decisions on them. Further, he tells Aditya to convey his apology to Sai as well and confesses that he misjudged her. Later, he promises Aditya that he will prioritise Aditya’s happiness from now on.

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In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, as Aditya refuses to go to office, Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama urge him to stop worrying about Dada Mama and concentrate on work and Sai. Further, they tell him that there is a world beyond Dada Mama. Later, Sindhu phones Dada Mama, but Bandhu Mama answers the call. On being questioned about the reason behind the call, Sindhu pretends to be vulnerable and demands money to shift to a new place. When she drags Aditya into the argument, Bandhu Mama lashes out at her.

Meanwhile, Aditya reaches at the office and Malhotra welcomes him. Puzzled on finding that his documents and other things are missing from his usual place, he asks Malhotra about it. A delighted Malhotra takes him to a new cabin and reminds him that he has got promoted, so this is his new place from now on. Further, he tries to strike a deal with Aditya. Soon after, an elated Aditya remembers Sai’s words and clicks a selfie in his new chair to send it to her. However, the reality sinks in and he soon realises that he needs to change his old habits now.

Back at Bramhes’ house, Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama chide Dada Mama for doing the household chores and remind him that he needs to take rest. Just then, the doorbell rings and Sai arrives. Bandhu Mama, who opens the door, asks her about whether Aditya talked to her and quizzes her about her decision. Misunderstanding him to be referring to Aditya’s conversation about Suyash, Sai tells Bandhu Mama that she hasn’t decided anything yet. When Bandhu Mama insists her to take Aditya’s words in positive stride, Sai gets puzzled thinking why is he prodding her to think about Suyash. To Dada Mama’s delight, she brings his favourite Chafa flowers for him and enquires about his health. As he thanks her for being there during the tough times and apologises for misjudging her, she asks him to give her blessings rather than an apology. Soon enough, Dada Mama blesses her that all her wishes to come true and gives her a word that he will help her get whatever she wants in case she fails to get it by herself.

Later, Sai asks Aditya’s uncles to take rest and insists that she will do all the household chores. While doing the chores, she finds Aditya’s shirt which he had given her to wear one in the past and reminisces about the fond memories she has shared with Aditya. Just then, Bandhu Mama sees her and asks her about her feelings. Further, he advises her to sort this matter soon or and cautions her that she will lose Aditya otherwise.

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