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Mahhi Vij BLOCKS Husband Jay Bhanusali On Social Media; Actress Receives Messages From His Fans While Actor Calls It ‘Non Sense’


September 8, 2021

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Jay Bhanusali’s wife Mahi Vij blocks the actor on Instagram. The actor shared an Instagram story to inform their fans the same

As stunning and compatible as they are, this couple is seen to be having a funny argument about how Mahhi Vij, Jay Bhanusali’s wife, didn’t think twice before blocking him on Instagram. Even after repeated requests from fans to unblock him, she refuses to do so. Yesterday, Jay shared a family picture of the three of them and also posted few videos on his Insta Story, after which his wife spontaneously blocked him, without any hesitation.

In the Instagram story, Jay is seen to be complaining about this and is also seen asking his wife, why did she choose to block him. Mahhi said, “He always puts up bad pictures of me, don’t do that!”. To digress away from the topic, and he assured Mahhi, saying that the picture has been liked by man,  and has received no negative comments at all. “Agar yeh maine kiya hota toh abhi tak saare lecture aana shuru hote, ‘ab tum mujhe waisa pyaar nahi karte, tumhare zaroor kisi aur ke saath chakkar chal raha hai’”  Jay was seen to be saying his wife.

Jay also complained saying,” What is this nonsense going on?”.  I can’t see any of your posts and stories whereas you can see mine”. On a humorous note, he also says Mahhi, “Accha, so you are watching from Tara’s account? Well, I can do the same as well!.” Urging his fans, Jay Bhanusali requested them to DM and message Mahhi to unblock him but looks like there has been no effect of that yet!

After receiving a screenshot of the number of requests Mahhi received to unblock Jay on Instagram, he thanked his fan and informed “Just got this snapshot by @mahhivij, thank you all for requesting but she has still blocked me on Instagram.
The couple has a two years old daughter, Tara, and are also parents to their caretakers’ kids- Khushi and Rajveer.

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