Maate Mantramu: 6 Things Vasundhara Did That Prove She Can Go As Far As She Wants For Love

Sneha Bale

October 12, 2019


1 min

1. Taking care of her people

Often when you are in love, you tend to dismiss other things such as rules and boundaries. Here, we are not talking about cliche love stories. We’re talking about the love that people share for each other, irrespective of the name of their relationships. Take a look at Maate Mantramu‘s Vasundhara. She loves people around her with all her heart and might. In today’s day and age, we wonder if anyone would do that.

Vasundhara feels responsible to take care of the people around her. From her younger sister to the people in her neighbourhood, Vasundhara’s heart goes out to people in need.

2. Loving unconditionally

Vasundhara’s heart, intentions and love are unadulterated. She has been in love with the same man for as long as she can remember. He went through phases of hating and loathing her, disliking and distancing himself from. But she continued to be herself and finally, her love, Vamsi, fell in love with her too.

3. Family first

If you know Vasundhara’s family, you know it’s full of chaos and absurdity. However, Vasundhara continues to find reasons to love each one in the house, despite all their flaws and despite all the bad that they do to her.

4. Bearing whatever comes her way

Vasundhara’s parents left the world long ago. The only elder in her family is her grandmother, Kantamma. She leaves no stone unturned to torture her. Yet, Vasundhara aims to make her happy or not disappoint her again.

5. Taking charge

Call it love and affection or caring and responsibility, Vasundhara feels the need to keep her people safe and happy, at all times. Every time she comes across something that’s a little different from the ordinary, Vasundhara makes it a priority to get to the root and solve the issue.

6. Going the extra mile

One would agree that everything that Vasundhara does for someone is more than what they would ask for or expect. But Vasundhara continues to surprise as she takes as many steps as needs to ensure the safety, security and happiness of the people that she calls her own.

Watch what she does next in the latest episodes and stay tuned for more stories. For more, watch Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

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