Luviena Lodh Accuses Mahesh Bhatt And His Family For Being Involved In Drugs And Prostitution

Luviena Lodh has blamed filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his family for harassing and bullying her

Aditi Sharma

November 3, 2020

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Actress Luviena Lodh recently took to social media to blame Mahesh Bhatt and his family for harassing her and her family members after she filed for divorce from his nephew Sumit Sabarwal. She also alleged that Sumit was involved in the supply of drugs and prostitution. In a video message, Luviena tried to talk about all the problems she has been facing and how she would deal with everybody associated with her husband and involved in drugs and other wrong businesses.

In her video message, she spoke about her sufferings and how she has lived the worst six months of her life. She mentioned that earlier she couldn’t have imagined the pain and grief of people who were bullied by powerful individuals but now she can very well relate to them. The actress stated that there is a deep feeling of pain and anger in her heart. Luviena expressed that she has faith in India’s judicial system and hopes they will punish men who spread evil in the society.

The actress said that she doesn’t want to defame anyone. Lodh stated that she is only speaking about the incidents she has witnessed on her own. The actress mentioned that she has been a part of the industry for a long time now and she has encountered many celebrities who are into drugs and use it casually. Addressing the people who call them famous and worry that they would be defamed, Luviena said that these people always had an option to say no to drugs but if they did and she has witnessed it, she will take their name. She added that her fight was against her husband but if anyone from the industry is associated with drugs, women or anything illegal, they are a culprit too.

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Furthermore, Luviena said that Mahesh Bhatt’s family who was once her family too were involved in drugs and prostitution and this news has sparked rage among people who have supported her. She ended her note saying she requests the NCB, ED, CBI and Mumbai Police to bring in her husband, Sumit Sabarwal, for questioning as he has been a part of Vishesh Films for more than a decade now. At last, she urged people to keep supporting her and spread her word as this would instill fear in those who are involved in illegal activities.

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