Love Romantic Thrillers? Take A Look At Stories Where Lovers Felt Betrayed & Chaos Ensued

While the characters played a vital role in keeping us engaged on our screens, the interesting storylines and backdrops gave us a perfect essence of a suspense-driven story.

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April 4, 2021


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Being the exact opposites in terms of settings and themes, the genre of romance and thrillers have one thing in common, that is the element of suspense. While the romantic stories have pleasant surprises, the thrillers are packed with awful-yet-intriguing shockers. And we crave for these interesting stories to bring the right dose of entertainment for us. However, the audience obsessed with both these genres has found a fascination with the new range of romantic thrillers. Considering this, ZEE5 has treated us to some exceptional love stories seasoned with elements of thrillers.

These stories have maintained a perfect balance between action and amour which eventually turned out to be an interesting watch for us. While the characters played a vital role in keeping us engaged on our screens, the interesting storylines and backdrops gave us a perfect essence of a suspense-driven story. And lovers have always been at the heart of these stories.

So, here’s taking a look at some of the exciting stories where betrayals infused chaos.

Lahore Confidential

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It is a cross-border spy thriller set against the backdrop of India – Pakistan conflict which essays the story of Ananya, a RAW agent who’s on a secret mission in Pakistan. Problems arise when Ananya falls in love with Rauf who carries imagery of a social worker with high contacts. Throughout the story, he traps Ananya into his web of lies, eventually affecting her secret mission.

After realising her mistake, Ananya gets well-aware of Rauf’s mysterious plans and sets on a journey to seek revenge which ultimately becomes the crux of Lahore Confidential.  

The Power

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In Mahesh Manjrekar’s gangster drama, Devidas and Parveen are young lovers who are ready to take the wedding vows. However, after the death of Devi’s father Kalidas, the equations between his and Pari’s family change completely. Later, the communal hatred adds more chaos to the story as the inseparable lovers feel betrayed by each other.

The Power further explores how these innocent characters morph themselves into “bosses” and try to create problems for each other. The story ends on an unexpected-yet-dreadful note. 

Poison 2

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In this romantic thriller, ‘hidden secrets’ become a cause of destruction. Sara belongs to the popular JOSH gang who has noteworthy amounts of wins under their name in the horse-race championships. However, their lives turn upside down when a new jockey Aditya Rathore takes over them. And, Sara falls in love with his charming personality and the romantic track begins.

Further, when the hidden secrets of Aditya resurface in the story, the duo gets separated and Sara seeks revenge from him.

The Chargesheet

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Revolving around the murder mystery of a National level table tennis player Shiraz Malik, The Chargesheet offers you various twists and turns with an unexpected conclusion. Being an investigative drama, the show oscillates through past and present happenings where we get an overview of chaotic relationships between Shiraz and Antara. While Antara has the perfect motive after being betrayed by her husband, the show leaves you with surprise in the end.

So that was the list where the characters and their chemistry became the soul of the show.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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