Love, Magic & Mystery: 8 Memorable Scenes From The Serial Bagh Bondi Khela You Must Watch


April 9, 2020


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1. Raya prays to Bon Bibi

The hit Bengali TV serial Bagh Bondi Khela is about Raya (played by Ishani Saha) who believes that the women in her family have a curse on them and should not get married. Enter Siddharth, played by Rubel Das, who she falls in love with and who wants to marry her. This thrilling supernatural show follows what happens to the two when he gets cursed by a tiger-god in the Sunderbans. Here are eight scenes from this latest Bengali TV serial that are truly memorable!

In this sequence, Raya prays to Bon Bibi, a goddess of the Sunderbans who protects the people, to hide her so that Siddhartha cannot find her. She wants him to stay away from her for his own good so no harm befalls him.

2. Siddharth marries Raya

In this special segment from Episode 6, Siddhartha puts vermillion on Raya’s forehead in front of the idol of the goddess Bon Bibi, and dramatically, they get married after all. Watch how this happens here.

3. Raya faces the wrath of the tribals

In one of the most pivotal scenes from the show, the tribesmen of the Sunderbans accuse Raya of insulting the feared and revered priest, Dakshin Ray, who in his anger, places a curse on Raya.

4. Tigers attack Siddhartha

In this scene from Episode 9, the tribal priest Dakshin Ray performs many rituals. While searching for Raya, Siddhartha gets attacked by several tigers. What happens next? Is he injured badly?

5. Raya admits Siddhartha to the hospital

Raya admits Siddhartha to a hospital after he gets attacked by tigers in the forests of the Sunderbans. When questioned about her relationship with the patient, Raya gets confused momentarily and wonders what to say. Watch this segment to see if Siddhartha recovers properly.

6. The priest confuses Raya

The tribal priest Dakshin Ray, who had been angered by Raya, tells her that a “tiger will forever live within” Siddharth forevermore, and she is puzzled by this remark that seems to be quite cryptic to her. Keep watching the show to reveal what this turns out to mean.

7. Sitangshu gives Raya good news

Raya’s family gets scared when Sitangshu visits their house. However, Sitangshu informs Raya that Siddhartha is recovering rapidly, much to her relief. Watch this scene from Episode 17 here.

8. Siddhartha gets ready to go home

As Siddhartha fully recovers in the hospital, his mother gets ready to take him home. She also mentions to him that a surprise is waiting for him at home. What will it be? Find out in Episode 10 from the serial.

Which of these scenes from Bagh Bondi Khela did you enjoy the most? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below.

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