Love Is In The Air! Sidharth Malhotra Gets Protective Of Rumoured Girlfriend Kiara Advani On The Kapil Sharma Show

Sidharth Malhotra let his protectiveness towards Kiara Advani show quite blatantly.



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The Kapil Sharma Show is supposedly a comedy show, but sometimes, it puts their guest stars at so much easy that they end up blurting things or expressing things they usually don’t! In a recent episode of the celebrated show the featured the Shershaah couple, Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani – experienced a similar expose.

The couple, who graced the show to celebrate the success of their film, were up for a hilarious evening. The two looked so gorgeous together, but never once did they admit to a relationship off camera. Yet, the many ways Sidharth and Kiara’s little conversations left their fans sighing and cooing. The two completely stole every heart in the room, including that of Kapil Sharma.

For a moment the couple who played Capt Vikram Batra and Miss Dimple Cheena in Shershaah almost confessed their love. It was when the anchor Kapil Sharma asked Sidharth Malhotra about how he maintained his sanity and health while shooting at the high altitudes of the film, Sidharth was quick to say he thought of Kiara and it kept motivating him to go ahead. Right when everyone thought it was a ‘confession of love’, Sidharth explained, that he was simply in character and his character Capt Batra kept thinking about Dimple to sail through all the hardships at war. Though Sidharth was quick to recover the statement, his words were enough to get Kiara blushing. The moment was special for all to remember.

But the real whammy was when Kapil tried to flirt with the charismatic Kiara. The moment the anchor of the show attempted a flirtatious conversation, Sidharth thwarted it with a statement which will make Kapil think twice before flirting with Kiara again. The Shershaah actor quickly told Kiara that it is about time she should visit ‘Kapil Bhaiya’s home’! It was as if, right when Kapil was reaching out for a friendship band, Sidharth made sure, Kiara tied him a rakhi instead.

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