Looking for some #MondayMotivation? Kidnap actor Rukmini Maitra has some for you

This wonderful bit of wisdom will help you overcome your fear of failure. Read on for more!


August 10, 2020


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Actor Rukmini Maitra, the gorgeous star of the action-packed Bengali film Kidnap, is known for her acting prowess, intelligence, and beauty. She has also starred in the hit film Cockpit, which was based on true life events. Rukmini Maitra often shares updates from her life on her social media page, and her sharp wit and wisdom come through and keep us extremely inspired!

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Recently, Rukmini Maitra shared an illustration with a beautiful quote that will remind you of one of life’s most important truths. Check it out right here:

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The best kind of Wisdom!😇

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The quote in the post goes as follows. “What has taught you the most?” asked the boy. “Failure,” said the horse, “So try not to fear it.” Isn’t that most profound and reassuring at the same time? Rukmini has captioned this post with the comment, “The best kind of Wisdom!😇”, and we have got to agree!

Everytime you feel low and get down on yourself for not succeeding at something immediately, it would help enormously to remember this fact and precious nugget of wisdom. Failure really is the best kind of teacher as in real life, it takes many attempts to perfect something and get it right. The real challenge is getting yourself to make the effort at all, and not let the prospect of failure deter you from trying!

Rukmini Maitra
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Don’t be afraid to fail at something (repeatedly if need be!). Of course, calculate the risks and estimate what it may take to achieve success in the end, and factor in your resources like time and energy. But ultimately, the biggest failure lies in not venturing forth at all to try in the first place! In fact, you could take heart in knowing that even the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison, who gave us such essential gems as the light bulb, made a 1000 unsuccessful attempts when creating it, only to get it right at the 1001st try. If he never tried at all, or gave up after the first, second or even third failure, we would never have this amazing invention– a modern source of light! So don’t be daunted by the prospect at failing, and simply press on with courage!

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