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Look how amazingly Emilia Clarke celebrated her 35th birthday


October 27, 2021

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Emilia Clarke is looking gorgeous in her flaunting White dress with feathers and glitters on her 35th birthday celebration. She was wearing a dramatic one-piece suit with Feathers and glitter.

British Actress Emilia Clarke who has just reached the age milestone of 35th, has shared monochrome polaroid’s of how amazingly she had celebrated her birthday with her friends and family and also mentioned ‘Holy birthday balls now that’s what I call a good time’.

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In the pictures shared on Emilia’s Official Instagram handle, she was seen partying with her friends. She was wearing a dramatic one-piece suit with Feathers and glitter. And those black and white-suited photographs clearly express the excitement of Clarke for her birthday. Clarke also added in the birthday post ‘Any fears over the next roll around the sun melted in the haze and glory of this ode to studio 54’ indicating the theme of her b’day party.

Emilia has a very engaging nature towards her fan’s, we all know that she always uses to reply to her fans comments and always appreciate the love she got from her fans, she thanked her fans for their Birthday wishes and she mentioned ‘THANK YOU for all your beautiful messages and love!! In one of her birthday messages, she said, ‘I was flying on an air of happy vibes that should last me all year’ and Clarke also thanked her for supporting crew members and stylists who always helped her look glamorous and she thanked the event from New York fashion week for gifting them glamorous dresses for that she added the words ‘extra special thanks to the next level birthday squad that got me my feathers and my glitters’.

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Emilia fans also took over the comment section to spam over her pictures, Jason Momoa also pinned on the comment section, ‘Happy birthday love sorry I missed it along with the three Red Heart Emojis. Fan also loved Jason’s consorted comment. Clarke and Momoa have working with each other since the initial GOT and their friendship has been going strong ever since.

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