Look At How Preeta Gets The Better Of Sherlyn And Mahira’s Villainy On Kundali Bhagya

Take a look at how Preeta’s niceness overshadows Sherlyn and Mahira’s vicious acts.

Mahima Maniar

September 28, 2020


4 min


In ZEE5’s show Kundali Bhagya, we see how Preeta’s innocence is always being questioned. But her kind heart and righteousness never fails to make a place in people’s heart. Despite Mahira and Sherlyn’s villainous plans to distance Preeta from the Luthra house, the latter gets the better off them.

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Let us take a look at the times when Preeta outsmarted Mahira and Sherlyn.

In a recent episode, Sarla tells Preeta to make a sweet dish for everyone in the family. Mahira overhears this conversation and is ready to cause disruptions. When Preeta tries to make a halwa for everyone, Mahira challenges her on which dish would receive more appreciation. She puts red chilli powder in Preeta’s dish but Preeta, aware of Mahira’s evil plans, adds salt to her halwa. Sherlyn and Mahira are taken aback by how everyone liked Preeta’s dish. It was because she had a back-up dish in hand.

On the day of Sherlyn’s engagement, she deliberately tampers with the food, causing food poisoning. Sarla is blamed for this and put behind the bars. Shrishti (Anjum Fakih) discovers it was Sherlyn’s brainchild. Preeta, with Karan’s help, frees her mother, which disappoints Sherlyn. Kareena diverts everyone’s attention to Preeta by blaming her and calling her the culprit. But Karan and Rishabh know that Preeta or her family would never do such a thing.

Sherlyn not only gets Sarla kidnapped, but puts Karan’s mother Rakhi’s life in danger. When she tries to get Sherlyn to tell her the location of her mother, she refuses. When Preeta attacks her, another kidnapper takes Preeta and locks her up at Sherlyn’s place. However, Preeta not only frees herself but rescues her mother as well. She tactfully takes the bomb away and throws it into a lake, saving everyone’s lives.

It was Sherlyn who poisoned Karan’s father Mahesh and she who had pushed him from his wheelchair. But she blames Preeta for it. Preeta even donates her blood to save Mahesh’s life. But Karan still blames Preeta for his father’s death. But the others know that Preeta has done no wrong.

Mahira and Sherlyn make a plan to push Preeta in front of a truck. The paid truck driver drives towards her, but Preeta sees a small boy’s ball on the road. She picks it up and walks towards him and the truck passes without touching her. Sherlyn then asks Mahira to push her. When the truck passes the second time, Mahira pushes her, but Shrishti pushes her back and Mahira ends up getting hurt.

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