London Confidential Review: Mouni Roy Shines in This Fast Paced Thriller To Find #TheTraitorWithin

London Confidential is a modern spy thriller set in a post-pandemic world that really explores the Indo-China conflict right now.

Kenneth Carneiro

September 18, 2020



4 min


London Confidential the latest film on ZEE5 and one of the first action thrillers to be shot after the Covid-19 lockdown. This film stars Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli and Kulraj Randhawa in leading roles. The film tells a very timely story about the Indo- China conflict. When the tensions at the border are higher than they have been in recent times, London Confidential reminds us of the high-stakes covert war that happens between countries all the time.

Watch the trailer for London Confidential here.

Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh) a secret RAW Agent from India is killed when he makes contact with a source who has proof that China is planning to release another pandemic level virus on the Indo-China border. Uma (Mouni Roy) another RAW agent is tasked with finding the evidence again but also to find out the mole inside the agency who leaked information about Biren to the Chinese secret agency MSS. In this mission she gets help from a secret agent Arjun (Purab Kohli) and the Indian ambassador in London Nirupama Das (Kulraj Randhawa).

Mouni Roy is truly the star of this film playing the role of Uma who is trying to stop the next global pandemic while also being very pregnant. Purab Kohli impresses in his role with almost all the heavy duty action scenes, a kind of role we haven’t seen him in too often. Kuljit Randhawa brings grace and elegance in her portrayal of the Foreign Ambassador, especially in the scene where she delivers a veiled threat to her Chinese counterpart over a nice dinner.

Scenes from London Confidential on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Parvessh Rana, Jas Binag and Sagar Arya are all part of the supporting cast of the film. These three play the role of 3 suspects for the traitor within the Indian embassy and they perfectly play their part to keep guessing until the end. The film highlights the kind of lonely double lives that spies live and how they all have some secrets at all times.

S Hussain Zaidi, is a popular crime writer whose work on gangs and crime in Mumbai is widely read. With this film he has turned his skilled eye for crime and conspiracy towards undercover spies. Kanwal Singh as the director tries to imagine a world right after the pandemic is over and pulls it off quite well, except we predict more use of masks and less hand-to-hand combat. What he does manage perfectly is to capture the city of London in all it’s grey glory.

The film will keep you hooked right until the end not just because the story reveals very little at any given time. More importantly the fear of another deadly virus can seem incredibly real, while we are already living in one pandemic. Another commendable takeaway from this film is how both countries – India and China, are in a bid to outdo each other but there is a strong sentiment of avoiding an all out war at all costs.

That’s why this one of its kind thriller should be on your watchlist for this weekend. Here’s a list of films about the Indo China conflict right from first war in 1962


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