Lok Sabha Election Results: 5 Viral Videos On Modi, Congress, Share Market You Cannot Miss

Aayushi Sharma

May 23, 2019


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1. How has the Modi government fared in the last five years?

India is glued to its screens today, eagerly awaiting the Lok Sabha elections 2019 results. Even Indians outside the country have flocked cinema halls to catch live action taking place during the counting of polls. The exit polls and trends suggest Prime Minister Narendra Modi shall sweep victory once again in the general elections 2019. But why stay glued to your TV screen when you watch so much more and know everything in detail about the Modi Government?

This video on ZEE5 gives you an idea of how the government has performed in the last five years. It also serves as a sneak peek into what would India look like in the next five years if Modi returns in the PMO.

2. Make fast money by investing in these 20 shares

Just like last Lok Sabha election season, the stock market is witnessing a good jump on the poll results day too. Make the most of this time and invest in the 20 shares recommended in this video that helps you make fast money.

3. Check out the funniest political speeches this election season

Election season is all about promises and blame game! More often, politicians crack us up with their wit and sarcasm, sometimes, non-sensical speeches too! Grab some popcorn and watch a video of politicians who can tickle your funny bone on ZEE5 now!

4. 5 spectacularly stupid statements made by Indian politicians

False promises, verbal spat with opposition and lots of mud-slinging – all this is common during the election season. But sometimes, the golden choice of words lands politicians in a foot in the mouth moment. Don’t believe us? Check out the 5 times politicians deliver spectacularly stupid statements out in public

5. When an anchor gave netizens a field day by calling Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone

Sunny Deol made his political debut this year by contesting from Gurdaspur constituency as a BJP candidate. During the counting of votes, a TV anchor wrongfully called Sunny Deol actor as Sunny Leone, sending social media into a frenzy. Twitter took centre stage thereafter and hilarious memes about the episode have been flooding the internet. In fact, the Karenjit Kaur actress too reacted to the same with a funny tweet.

Who are you supporting this election season? Let us know in the comments box below.

Keep a track of this intensely battled election through News on ZEE5.

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