Lockdown Or Not! Here Are 7 Lessons That We Can All Take Forward With Us From Loser’s Suri

Sneha Bale

May 22, 2020


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Never give up attitude

We saw Gods of Dharmapuri and then Chadarangam conquered new heights in the Telugu OTT space. While we thought that there wouldn’t be something matching up to their levels, here we have Loser. Yet another Abhilash Reddy directorial, Loser is a 10-episode series, revolving around three sportspersons from three different backgrounds. Amongst the many, here are a few things we can learn from Priyadarshi’s Suri.

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In the first episode itself, Suri gets news that skyrockets his happiness to cloud nine. But in the very next frame, he is disappointed. The poor yet uber talent shooter is asked to gather a sum that he might not have ever seen in his life. While he could simply walk away with the disappointment and practical thought, Suri stays. He promises to hustle and make his dreams come true.

Make your actions speak

In yet another scene, Suri feels dejected when a successful man accuses his weapon of being faulty. But the young Suri knows better than calling out the man’s excuse. However, he doesn’t allow the lie to become true by staying quiet. He gets up and proves it otherwise.

Family isn't always right

We’re all protective of our families because, at the end of the day, family is all that we have. While the sentiment isn’t wrong, we often tend to overlook the things that could be making things worse. Suri experienced it first hand, and things came close to taking away the only thing that ever mattered to him. So hey! The next time you thinking of backing up someone – take a moment and consider if it is actually beneficial.

Making mistakes and having the humility to be guilty

We’re all humans and are prone to making mistakes. Yes, there isn’t anything wrong in not being perfect. However, our first reaction after making a mistake is justifying our deeds. Suri doesn’t quite do that. It all happens in a moment, and he learns through his mistake. He doesn’t defend, he lowers his head in shame and guilt. That, we think, is an extremely impressive trait.

Dreams are those that won't let you sleep

When Suri sheds tears locked up in a jail cell, he doses off thinking of all that he lost, in one moment. We have been hearing for ages that dreams aren’t what you have when sleeping, dreams are what wake you up. That’s exactly what happens with Suri. Imagine if we all had one dream that drives us unendingly towards a better version of ourselves.

Always looking for the next big thing

He came. He saw. He conquered. But does the journey end right there? Is one achievement all it takes to have “arrived”? For some, maybe it does. That’s not the case for Suri, though. He is always on the lookout for the next big thing possible. And that’s where we believe director Abhilash will treat us with a new season. *wink*

Being a human being

Like most of us, Suri has a plate full of problems. But he is also human enough to know that another person, with or without privileges, could be dealing with problems. And that’s where he lowers all his fences and allows the vulnerable person inside him to come out. This also makes the people around him feel more comfortable and confident about lowering their guards.

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