Lockdown Diary 28 May 2020 Written Update: Paro Discovers Angshu’s Drawings

Paro gets an insight into how lonely Angshu has been feeling while his parents have been too busy to play with him.


May 28, 2020


5 min


This episode of the latest Bengali TV serial Lockdown Diary — Golpo Holeo Satti begins with Paro discovering Angshu’s drawings which he loves doing, and something strikes her unpleasantly. Angshu calls up his father and they talk for a minute. Ansghu’s father then tells him to go play with his mother and he will call him again when he gets free. Angshu waits eagerly for his call, while his mother juggles office work and chores.

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Later in the day, Angshu feels saddened that both his parents are so busy all the time. He goes to look for Raju out of his window, and his mother walks in on him with a Ludo set laid out. Paro is surprised that he is playing Ludo by himself, and he tells her it is because he does not have any friends. She realises how lonely he must feel. She becomes sad and says she is always there for him and will play with him when he wants. However, she is interrupted by her phone where she gets a work call from her boss. When she comes back, Angshu has fallen asleep, and she puts him to bed.

Lockdown Diary
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When talking to each other at night, Gautam asks Paro to get Angshu to speak to him. She informs him that he is already in bed, and Gautam feels sad thinking of how excited he had been to talk with his father. Paro is disappointed and tells him that she does not think Angshu is fine at all. Gauram feels alarmed. Paro tells him about the drawings she had found. They were pictures of a child drowning at sea while a boat with two people watch, a picture of a boy in a cage manned by a lady outside, and a page where Angshu had written that he missed Basanti Di. Paro tells Gautam that their son is sad and lonely, and it is their fault. They both agree that work is secondary, and that they need to put Angshu first.

Lockdown Diary
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The morning, Paro gives Angshu chocolate flakes cereal for breakfast and he is delighted. She asks him what he would like her to make for lunch. At the end of the day he hugs her and says thank you, and she is ecstatic, and tells Gautam about it.

Lockdown Diary
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While playing with Raju, Angshu asks him how his mother can make time for him. As Raju describes their schedule, Ansghu discovers that Raju’s mother is always working, and has even less time to play with his sister and he at home. This saddens him, but Raju tells him that everything his mother does is for her family. She is busy because she is working so hard in order to be able to feed and clothe them. Raju also teaches Angshu cool math tricks, and he is impressed especially because he does not even go to school! Raju says that counting at the shops has instilled the habit and skill.

Lockdown Diary
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In the evening, Paro is surprised to see that Angshu has got all his math homework right, and is very happy. She thinks she hears a noise in his room but Angshu tells her it is nothing and stops her from opening his window.

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