Lockdown Diary 26 May 2020 Written Update: The Open Window At The South

Angshu has found a new friend and Paro’s husband is still stuck in Bangalore. Catch up with this episode here!


May 26, 2020


4 min


As Episode 2 of the latest Zee Bangla TV show Lockdown Diary begins, Paro’s husband has still not been able to return from Bangalore as his flights have got cancelled at the last minute. And she is worried. Unbeknownst to her, her son Angshu has discovered a new playmate outside his window, a little boy from the slum across the road.

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Angshu discovers why his mother has always forbidden him to open the window in the south corner of his house. She never wants him to be exposed to the stretch of slum area on that side, nor know of it. One day, Paro thinks she hears Angshu talking to someone in his room, and enters his room to find the window only half shut. Angshu tells her that he was only talking to his toy.

Lockdown Diary
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Later, Paro has a long conversation with her husband on the phone, where she discusses her anxieties about his situation, and tells him she will never forgive herself for letting him leave in the middle of lockdown. He, in turn, reminds her that it is she who had let him go because the work was that urgent, and neither of them knew that it would play out like this.

Lockdown Diary
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Paro, while talking to her husband, mentions how ashamed she is that their south window overlooks a slum, and that because of the dirty  lifestyle and environment of the slum dwellers, they will be the first ones to be infected with the Coronavirus and infect others. Her husband reminds her that is not their fault and there is a simplicity to their way of life. He then sings the Rabindrasangeet Dokhin Hawa Jaago Jaago to her.

Later, when husband and wife are talking again, he suggests that while he is stuck in a different city, he ask his mother and sister to come and stay with Paro and Angshu to help each other out. Paro does not take to the idea immediately at all, and has her reservations which she expresses.

Lockdown Diary
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Angshu, in the meantime, has finally having been a lot of fun in the company of his friend from the slum outside the south window. All this while, he has been quite lonely. His new friend shows him a contraption he has made using two paper cups strung on the ends of a string, and they play with it like it’s the fanciest phone in the market! Angshu is clearly delighted, and Paro has no idea. Angshu is fully aware his mother will be angry, so he closes her door and talks to his friend surreptitiously when she is asleep.

Lockdown Diary
Source: ZEE5

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