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Like Her Ad Contract Idea, 5 Other Times Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Radhika Was Ahead Of Gurunath

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 19, 2020

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With Radhika trying to expose Gurunath again with her ad contract, here are 5 other instances when she was one step ahead of Gurunath’s plan.

If you have seen the earlier episodes of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, you would understand how Radhika has evolved over the years. From being simple and shy to turning into confident and smart, Radhika has come a long way with the lessons she learnt. In the turn of events on the show these days, Radhika is trying to get Gurunath to do an ad for her company and slyly adds clauses in the contract. Although the clauses are not revealed, it is sure that Radhika has another master plan to expose Gurunath and bring out his true colours in front of everyone. But before we get to how Radhika would expose Gurunath this time, here are 5 other times Radhika was ahead of Gurunath.

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Valentine’s day duping

Remember when Radhika taught Gurunath and Shanaya a lesson on Valentine’s Day? That was one of the most hilarious events that happened on the show when Radhika gave fake coupons of a five-star hotel to Shanaya. Shanaya tells Gurunath that they will go for dinner at the five-star restaurant but end up spending time doing Bhajans at an old-age home.

Making Shanaya the boss lady!

Another time Radhika was one step ahead of Gurunath was when she made Shanaya the CEO of Radhika Masale. Radhika resigns from her post and when Gurunath thinks Radhika might make him the head or merge her company with SB Group of companies, she turns the tables by making Shanaya the boss.

Knowing Gurunath’s next move before him

On making Shanaya the head of Radhika Masale, Radhika tells everyone about her next move. She says that she knows Gurunath well and adds that he would try and get back with Shanaya and leave Maya for his benefit. She urges Shanaya to give in and accept Gurunath back to dupe him. This was another instance when Radhika was one step ahead of Gurunath.

Gurunath’s proposal

Although this was completely planned, it proves how Radhika is always ahead of Gurunath. When Gurunath decides to propose to Shanaya and impress her to get back with her, because of the fact that she’s the head of Radhika Masale, Radhika calls Maya and exposes Gurunath in front of her.

When she brings back Gurunath’s memory

Last year, Gurunath tries to fool everyone that he has lost his memory in order to stay in Radhika’s house. However, Radhika being Radhika is always a step ahead of him. She soon comes to know that Gurunath is fooling her and exposes him by setting a recorder in the room and recording everything he says when alone.

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