Letter Threatening Mukesh Ambani, Wife Recovered From Explosive-Laden Vehicle Outside Their Residence

The police recovered a car with 20 gelatin sticks and a letter from a Mumbai Indians bag calling the incident a mere trailer and threatening the Ambanis of a graver attack

Raghav N

March 9, 2021

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Security was intensified outside billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s residence in South Mumbai after the police recovered unassembled explosives and a threat letter inside an abandoned car at Carmichael Road. 20 gelatin sticks were found along with several fake number plates inside the Scorpio SUV. The letter addressed in Hindi to the industrialist and his wife Neeta Ambani called this incident a trailer and said that the real picture is yet to come. The paper was retrieved from a Mumbai Indians branded bag; the IPL team owned by the family.

Home Minister Anil Deshmukh confirmed the news, stating that the matter is currently under investigation and the authorities are assessing if the episode is a part of a future attack planned on the businessman or it is just a mischief.

CCTV footage from the area shows the vehicle parked around 500 metres away from the Ambanis’ 27-floor Antilia home on Thursday evening. While a white car reportedly tailed and eventually crossed the Scorpio, the driver of the recovered vehicle continued to sit inside for a while. Shockingly, the car is registered under Reliance Industries.

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