Letter Retrieved From Isreali Embassy’s Blast Site Reveals Larger Conspiracy

While the Delhi Police had initially assumed that the blast near the Israel embassy could be an act of mischief, deeper investigations and a threatening letter reveals the incident to be a well-thought of act that is a part of a larger conspiracy

Raghav N

February 1, 2021

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The blast outside the Embassy of Israel in Delhi on Friday evening may have been a low-intensity one, but on-site inspection and a suspicious letter have led investigators to believe that the incident is a part of a larger conspiracy. In the note addressed to Israeli Ambassador Ron Malka, an outfit by the name of Jaish-ul-Hind termed the explosion as just a trailer, while also mentioning the names of two Iranian martyrs.

Officials of the crime branch who are currently probing the case visited the explosion location with the forensics team. Sources indicate that the bomb used was made by a seasoned professional who would have possibly undergone improvised explosive device (IED) training. The recovery of a dry cell from the spot also divulges that the device used had a timer. Further, the material used was at par with military grade explosives. National Security Database (NSD) forensic experts have collected samples from the location, which is in the heart of Lutyens Delhi and sent it to the National Bomb Data Centre to gather more information.

The police believes that a thorough recee of the target area, that is bang opposite the Jindal House was done by the culprits beforehand. While there was no exterior camera at the Jindal House, the CCTV near the structure was also not working, indicating the entire episode to be a pre-planned one by the terrorists.

However, from the footage that the authorities did manage to lay their hands on, two men can be seen getting off from a cab and walking towards the target footpath. The cab driver has already been taken in by the police to help them in the identification process through sketches of the suspects. The Israeli embassy also issued a statement citing that the incident was an attack on the people of their nation.

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