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Let Vilayti Bhabhi’s Sandy Show You How To Make Paneer Pakoda As You Self-Isolate


April 24, 2020

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Do you know that apart from acting, Kanwalpreet Singh is a pro at cooking too? Check out this quick and easy Paneer Pakoda recipe from Kanwal Paaji!

One good thing that has happened because of the#Lockdown is that we got to see the hidden talents of our stars. If Diljit Dosanjh helped you make Chole Aloo, we have Vilayti Bhabhi de Sandy aka Kanwalpreet Singh as today’s masterchef. Kanwal Paaji shows you how to make a delicious Paneer Pakoda in a karchi-kadai.

Watch Sandy te Vilaytan Emily in Vilayti Bhabhi here:

Singh Saab took to social media to share the recipe for Paneer Pakoda in just four easy steps:

Step 1: Cut the paneer (cottage cheese) into small pieces. In this video, Kanwalpreet first introduces his hidden talent – cooking! Then he takes the paneer and cuts it into small pieces.

Kanwalpreet Singh making Paneer Pakoda (Source: Instagram)

Step 2: Add oil to the wok. After cutting the paneer, Kanwalpreet adds some oil to a wok and puts it on the flame.

Add oil into the wok and heat it (Source: Instagram)

Step 3: Dip chopped paneer into besan: While the oil heats, take the sliced paneer and dip it into besan (gram flour) paste. The paste is made with besan and water till it reaches a dosa batter-like consistency.

Dip the paneer into the besan mixture (Source: Instagram)

Step 4: Put paneer chunks into the hot oil. Take the besan-coated pieces of paneer and add them carefully to the hot oil. Let them fry for some time until they turn golden-brown.

Fry the coated paneer in the oil (Source: Instagram)

Step 5: Your Paneer Pakoda is ready! Serve it with spicy green chutney or tomato ketchup.kanwalpreet_singh

Serve Paneer Pakoda with spicy chutney or ketchup. To those of you who say, “Oh, we don’t have such oily stuff!”, Kanwalpreet Paaji says that some oil is required for the body as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Bravo Kanwal Paaji! 

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