Let Comedy Take Over Your Lockdown Boredom By Watching Venu Warriors’ Skits In Adhirindi

Sneha Bale

April 14, 2020


1 min

The father who wouldn't let his son be happy

No matter how boring your quarantine is, you can always add a little laughter to it. And the Zee Telugu show Adhirindi is one of the best laughter pills that you can find. Gully Boyz’s madness to Chandra Challengers‘ wrath, we have seen many shades and hues of comedy over the last few weeks. Today, we pick the best of skits that made Venu and his warriors true stars in the comedy show.

Let’s start with the skit Venu’s gang performed in the second episode itself. The skit revolves around a father, played by Venu and his son. Although the father is extremely affectionate, he does not allow his son to be happy. Why do you ask? Because his ‘beta‘ should be living life to the fullest with ‘BP-sugar’.

The son who waits his father's death

In the following episode, roles reverse and Venu becomes the son of a highly affectionate father. However, this time it is the son who does not allow his father to happy. In fact, the son doesn’t even allow his father to breathe peacefully.

The kingdom's doom

Later, Venu finds a way to showcase his exceptional fluency in the Telugu language. So, he prepares a skit featuring Rajas and Ranis. But what could poor Venu do when the whole of his gang decides to go with their own flow? PS: this is also how we got introduced to Saddam of Gully Boyz.

The wife who loves unconditionally

In another skit, Venu takes inspiration from his mate, Chandra, and performs a skit on the woes of a married man. Venu’s wife, however, does not ruin the day for him. She loves him beyond all extents and can never doubt him. Can you imagine? Venu gets fed up with it too.

The time when Arjun Reddy went Mughal

Venu brings Vijay Deverakonda’s biggest hit, Arjun Reddy with a Mughal twist on the stage. Right from speaking Telugu to finding himself losing in the ‘wrong spots’, Venu’s rendition of Arjun Reddy is full of mistakes and will leave you rolling on the floor.

The one where you have to 'question his answer'

In one of our all-time favourite skits, Venu turns into a drunkard, finding answers to profound questions. After gulping down a bottle of alcohol, he cannot standstill. But hey, if you can’t stand still after drinking, how does the bottle standstill after having so much alcohol in it? He adds, “please question my answer” pointing his finger straight to Naga Babu.

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