Lessons We Can All Learn From Aravind And Nandana’s Relationship From Chembarathi

Aravind and Nandana drifted apart from each other due to several reasons. Here are several lessons we can learn from this couple.

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May 22, 2020


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At one point in time, Aravind and Nandana were everyone’s favourite for the support they lent to Anand in safeguarding his relationship with Kalyani. Later, they slowly started disliking each other when Vilasini started poisoning Nandana’s mind. Circumstances became serious as Aravind had to choose between his wife Nandana or his support of Anand’s relationship. Their life turned out to be a short-lived modern-day love story and Nandana walked out of  Thrichambarath. Here are several lessons we can all learn from Aravind and Nandana’s relationship from Chembarathi.

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Be transparent

Nandana began doubting Aravind of being careless about their relationship when Vilasini started brainwashing her. Instead of believing everything Vilasini told her, Nandana should have been open about the incidents to her husband. Aravind also failed to give Nandana clarity about what was happening between his brother and Kalyani.

Ego has no place in a happy relationship

Nandana throws a letter
Nandana yells at Akhila and Krishnan

Nandana’s actions were egoistic as she thought that her husband’s position will be like a puppet in the family when Anand was made the Managing Director. She blabbered about her studies and family pedigree when Krishnan and Akhila asked Aravind to give his position to Anand. Akhila took this decision as she thought that Aravind could learn more from his brother, but Nandana took it as his failure.

Always be respectful

Aravind who was patient about Nandana’s inappropriate comments and questions about his brother’s relationship, lost his temper when Nandana yelled at Krishnan for being Akhila’s puppet. Her rude comments to his parents angered Aravind who asked her to leave Thrichambarath. Nandana failed to notice that Vilasini was happy about her leaving and left for her parents’ place in rage.

What is next for Nandana and Aravind?

Nandana returns
Nandana returns to Thrichambarath

Nandana made a dramatic re-entry into the show when her father personally visits Akhila and Krishnan to apologise for her. Aravind disapproved of his parents accepting Nandana back into the house and walked out of the room. Now Vilasini plans on getting Nandana under her wing again as marriage preparations for Ganga and Anand have begun. Will this couple reunite? Stay tuned to find out!

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