Leopard Gels Up With Humans On The Busy Kullu Road, Leaves Netizens Surprised!

Wild leopard leaves people stunned with its friendly behaviour on the busy Kullu Road in Himachal Pradesh. Have a look at the video with all details.

Sania Kader

January 16, 2021

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A wild leopard recently left the by-standers stunned by gelling up well with a bunch of people on Kullu road, instead of attacking them on the spot. The new viral video showcases a wild leopard walking around on a busy road while people get out of their vehicles to get a glimpse of the wild animal. This video has been taking over the internet as most of them are stunned by the trustworthy nature of the animal. The leopard also climbs on top of a local man while the man pets its head and has a short conversation. Some of the bystanders also start recording the scene as they wish to capture the astonishing moment which is a rare sight.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the leopard’s appearance on the Kullu road:

A wild animal was recently seen gelling up with a few humans on the Kullu road in Himachal Pradesh. In the video attached above, the animal is seen walking towards a busy road where a bunch of vehicles have been parked together. The leopard walks in between the crowd also indulges with a local man while casually strolling across the road. The animal is seen inspecting the vehicles and minding its own business until he sees the local and starts playing with him.

The wild cat looks delighted as it wishes to get loving pats from the human. The man in the orange shawl, on the other hand, seems quite comfortable in the leopard’s company as also keeps him entertained for a while. The bystanders, on the other hand, clearly look shocked and partially scarred at the wild animal’s friendly attitude. Most people are seen recording the scene while a few people enjoy the moment from their vehicles. In one of the segments of the video, the leopard jumps down and steps away from the local man and instantly scares the people as they feel like the animal would attack at any point.

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Netizens have been sharing this new video endlessly as they have been quite captivated by the wild animal’s behaviour and nature. Most people have also been speaking about how some wild animals don’t harm unless they are attacked first.

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