Leopard Drags A Sleeping 4-Year Old Girl In Bahraich, Corpse Found In The Field

Watch how Leopard dragged a 4-year old girl and killed her in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh.

Aditi Sharma

March 25, 2021

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A leopard attacked and killed a girl in the Khairighat police station area of ​​Bahraich district. The 4-year old girl was sleeping when the leopard dragged her. Her body was found on a farm outside the village. The locals informed the police and the forest officials about the same. Police reached the location and sent the girl’s body for postmortem. The forest officer in charged also came in and investigated the location.

The local named Triloki’s four-year-old girl was sleeping in the veranda at night on 22 March. The family members were eating dinner inside the house when the leopard dragged the girl. Later, when she was not found on the veranda, the locals searched for and her body was found at a farm outside the village.

The forest department officials installed five cages in the area after the incident. DFO Manish Singh with his team supervised the whole area after the incident. Forest officials Renu Singh and Dr Anirudh Pandey reached Bahraich from Lucknow and inspected the matter.

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In the recent past, a leopard had entered the residential area in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The forest officials of Madhya Pradhesh conducted a 23-hour long rescue operation after the feline attacked and injured four people in the city. According to media reports, the leopard sneaked out of Ralamandal Life Sanctuary on 10th March, Wednesday.

As the forest officials chased the leopard, it entered the house of a local named Khemraj Rathore injuring him and his wife as they were cooking food in the kitchen. It then entered a neighbouring under-construction building and grabbed watchman Sukhlal’s grandson. As the mother of the kid shouted in fear, he left the kid and attacked the security guard.

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