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Leonardo DiCaprio is all out for the critical conservation of Amazon rainforest


September 28, 2021

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The artist behind the marvellous characters of Dom Cobb (Inception) and Edward Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island), decided to go green as he appreciates critical conservation efforts to save the Amazon rainforest.

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his delivering over-the-top performance on big screens. Considered as one of the greatest actors of Hollywood, Leonardo has acting skills appreciates in some of the biggest Hollywood hits. Nonetheless, there is another side of the popular actor as Leo considers himself an environmentalist by heart.
Following the same philosophy, in his latest social media post, Leonardo DiCaprio decided to go green.

The popular post

In his latest social media post uploaded yesterday, Leonardo DiCaprio once again showed his love for Mother Nature. The 46-year-old actor took to Instagram to highlight the critical conservation of the world’s largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest.

The Hollywood star, in his post, shared the picture of the Amazon rainforest taken from height showing the high level of greenery with the Amazon River flowing in the middle. Though the river appears muddy, it was the conservation of the rainforest that the actor tried to highlight.
Providing necessary information about the photo in the caption part of his post, Leonardo DiCaprio thanked the collaboration of Re:wild group, Global Citizen (an NGO) and British rock band Coldplay for strengthening the conservation efforts against the Amazon rainforest.
Leonardo also thanked the three governors of Para, Amapa and Amazonas (part of Amazonas states) for their critical efforts to conserve the Rainforest by capitalizing on the support provided by the collaboration.

From hero to environmentalist: Leonardo DiCaprio’s priceless life lessons

The Oscar-winning actor strongly stressed the need to protect the Amazon rainforest as he considers it one of Earth’s irreplaceable places. He also pointed out the importance of the project as he believed that the Amazon rainforest will not only the area around it but the entire planet.

Not the first time
An environmentalist by heart, Leonardo DiCaprio has been on the first list of those who fight for the cause of nature. Just four days back, the Hollywood star pledged $5 billion for protecting nature and climate over the next 10 years. His social media, meanwhile, provides a much deep glimpse into his love for nature.

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