Lebanon Explosion: World Leaders Pledge To Help Nation Recover After Catastrophe

World leaders have pledged to provide close to 300 million dollars and other necessary assistance to Lebanon.

Neel Raju Nalawade

August 10, 2020

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Lebanon recently experienced one of the most disastrous explosions that claimed the lives of hundreds, injured thousands and caused unimaginable loss to property. To help the country bounce back, world leaders have pledged close to 300 million dollars worth of aid at a virtual conference hosted by French President Emanuel Macron. Fifteen world leaders including US President Donald Trump attended the conference and pledged support to the country. Sources confirmed that France has promised to contribute $35 million, while Germany is expected to mobilize $25 million. 

The US is making an initial contribution of $15 million but Trump has assured that he will send relief plans with all the necessary healthcare equipment and food. The United Nations has predicted that Lebanon will need at least $117 million over the next three months in order to carry out food programmes, health services and emergency response.

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